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Chiliz (CHZ): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Community, Future Developments

  • Chiliz has been making incisive moves in recent weeks, to the delight of its community.
  • The blockchain that helps brands to have improved interactions with their fans is harnessing the power of sports in its drive to the top.
  • Through Socios.com, Chiliz has become affiliated with top sports teams around the world.
  • The native token of the asset, CHZ, has seen a 3% increase in value over the last week, and now ranks as the 62nd largest cryptocurrency.

In today’s world, sporting events are a huge deal and have religious followings of millions of fans. Chiliz provides a way for fans to engage with their sports teams, and also gives teams the opportunity to monetize their global audience.
The last few weeks has seen Chiliz sign a slew of partnership deals with top English soccer clubs, while CHZ has been listed on WooTrade, and has also gone on to hit impressive figures. Currently trading at $0.32 at the time of writing, the project is merging the worlds of sports and blockchain.

Recent Developments

Through Socios.com, a blockchain-based fan engagement platform, Chiliz has made significant strides. The project announced the addition of Leeds United to its platform, creating new experiences for supporters of the club.

This makes Leeds United the fourth Premier League team to join their ranks, having previously added Arsenal and Everton.

In technical news, the project has announced that it will fully support Ethereum’s London hard fork and other network upgrades. In light of the upgrade, Chiliz assured its community that spot trading will not be affected during the hardfork.

The news that CHZ has been listed by WooTrade was met with excitement from community members, as it is also readily available to the entire institutional liquidity network.

Future Events

The project has set its sights on new frontiers outside of Europe, which contains the bulk of the world’s famous sports teams. In search of new horizons, Chiliz’s Socios.com has announced upcoming Fan Token Offerings for Brazilian soccer club, Atlético Mineiro.

A series of Fan Token Offerings (FTA) are currently in the works for other soccer clubs such as Arsenal, Dinamo Zagreb, Leeds United and Everton F.C, among others.

The project is hard at work developing NFTs that confer certain benefits to its users, and there are extensive plans to allow fans to connect their Socios.com accounts to their bank accounts.

On The Flipside

  • The cryptocurrency market is enjoying a general price rally and top tokens have recorded gains of more than 20% in the last week.
  • CHZ has not yet discovered its form, as it only managed a 3% rise over the last week.


As of press time, CHZ is trading at $0.32 and has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion. Ranked as the 62nd largest crypto, the asset reached an all-time high of $0.8915 in March.

In terms of the community, soccer fans form a core part of the user base. On Twitter, Chiliz currently has 366k followers, and holding CHZ has benefits for community members.

CHZ can be used by community members to interact on Socios, and to participate in Fan Token Offerings.

Source: DailyCoin


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