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Is Bitcoin Digital Gold?

Once we consider gold, we consider it as one of many oldest property of humankind. Be that as it could, gold nonetheless performs an important function in at the moment’s economic system and has a number of utilities. However there are new technique of cost that look to interchange conventional cost strategies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that look to strategy transactions in a decentralized method in order that extra charges are eliminated. Once we consider such cryptocurrencies, we often consider Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency on the earth. 

So how do Bitcoin and gold relate precisely? In at the moment’s world, many consult with Bitcoin as digital gold. Many traders and even governments have lately shifted their focus from gold to BTC, utilizing the latter as a security asset. So is Bitcoin really a digital model of gold? To reply this query, we have to undergo each these property and perceive what they’ve in widespread, in addition to their variations. Maybe, chances are you’ll start to view Bitcoin otherwise than you used to, so let’s start with transient details about gold.


Gold has been used as a method of cost for a really very long time. This historical asset has been valued extremely on account of its shiny shade, which was then used for aesthetic functions on jewels, decorations, and so on. However as expertise superior, gold had different utilities. First, gold is taken into account an important element in a rustic’s economic system. For example, the USD used to base its worth on gold. Due to this, the USA strived to have extra gold in order that they’ve a greater economic system.

However gold additionally has different utilities that may be useful for individuals. Since gold is a steel, it conducts electrical energy. In truth, gold is a significantly better conductor of electrical energy than different metals similar to copper, silver, and so on. Nevertheless, because of the restricted amount of gold, not many establishments observe gold in technological elements. Due to that, gold nonetheless stays a determinant of a rustic’s economic system. However why would individuals give a lot worth to property similar to gold when different components will be simply as essential? This leads us to the paradox of worth. Water, as an illustration, is without doubt one of the most important elements of our dwelling, but it’s a lot much less precious than gold, regardless of being extra essential. There are a number of the reason why this paradox of worth exists.

Initially, we give the next worth to issues which might be tougher to acquire. Mining gold is a really tough course of. Not solely that lots of technological prices are required, but in addition lots of miners’ lives are risked. Moreover, even land will be harmed throughout the acquisition of gold. 

Secondly, gold is way scarcer than water. It’s unknown how a lot gold is left to be mined. In keeping with The Minted, round $8.6 trillion value of gold has already been mined. 

Visible illustration of Gold’s circulating provide. Source: TheMinted

The restricted amount performs an enormous function in figuring out the worth of gold. Finally, the worth of every asset revolves round provide and demand elements. The demand for gold is excessive as a result of many individuals wish to purchase it to make jewellery, governments use it to stop market inflations, and establishments similar to NASA might use it for technological causes. 

Gold can also be inversely associated to rates of interest. If the value of gold is greater, rates of interest are often decrease. If the value of gold is decrease, then rates of interest are often greater. So gold is the treatment for financial recessions.

Fiat Currencies

If gold was not sensible sufficient for use as a cost methodology, then fiat currencies may maybe present an answer. Fiat currencies are the modern technique of change. Fiat currencies are manufactured by means of authorized tenders, similar to greenback payments, cash, and so on. These authorized tenders can be utilized for buying virtually something. Nevertheless, some issues include fiat currencies. 

Firstly, they’re managed by the federal government. The federal government decides the provision, finally affecting its worth when in comparison with different fiat currencies. Secondly, authorized tenders can simply be counterfeited. There have been quite a few instances when individuals manufactured faux money, leading to oblique hurt to a rustic’s economic system. 

The truth that fiat currencies are managed by governments makes them centralized. This centralization may imply extra charges relating to exchanging them. Centralization additionally means much less management over your cash. However there may be additionally an answer to such an issue: cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is the world’s first profitable cryptocurrency. The principle purpose for a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin is to be decentralized by eradicating the necessity for a 3rd occasion similar to banks and governments. How does Bitcoin obtain that?

By utilizing blockchain expertise, the Bitcoin community consists of 1000’s of pc nodes that work collectively and don’t depend on a single entity. These nodes try to unravel superior mathematical issues with a view to affirm a transaction. If the nodes share a consensus after a transaction is carried out, then the block of knowledge associated to the transaction is added to a sequence of different blocks, forming the so-called blockchain. 

In blockchain expertise, the nodes accountable for confirming a transaction are rewarded with extra BTC tokens as a method of reward for the technological prices concerned throughout the course of. This course of is called mining, and the nodes accountable are generally known as miners. Technically, nodes compete with each other when mining. The extra highly effective the processing energy of a miner, the upper the prospect of efficiently mining BTC. Because the Bitcoin community grows, mining turns into a lot tougher. A block of transactions within the Bitcoin community is confirmed as soon as each 10 minutes. The present block reward is 6.25 BTC. This quantity is halved roughly each 4 years. In 2024, the mining reward is deliberate to be 3.125 BTC.

BTC halving all through the years. Source: Investopedia

The halving course of is finished to keep away from prince inflations. At the moment, Bitcoin has a circulating provide of 18.7 million BTC and a restricted provide of 21 million BTC. The complete provide is anticipated to be reached within the 12 months 2140.

Bitcoin and Gold: The place Do They Stand?


The elevated mining issue, in addition to the restricted provide, make Bitcoin much like gold in some elements. Furthermore, much like gold, BTC can’t be counterfeited. Blockchain expertise entails that hackers want to manage 51% of the community in the event that they wish to manipulate the information within the blockchain. Whereas which will appear potential, it’s technically unachievable as a result of it could be insanely costly.

By way of worth, each gold and Bitcoin are extremely affected by exterior elements similar to authorities choices, values of fiat currencies, accessibility, and so on.

If a authorities bans cryptocurrencies, it will possibly adversely have an effect on the value of BTC. The identical will be stated if the federal government takes a adverse stance on gold. That is instantly associated to the accessibility issue. Individuals of some nations don’t have entry to Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies as a result of the latter are banned. For example, Bolivia, Denmark, Turkey, India, and plenty of extra nations now not assist the thought of cryptocurrencies. However some nations have purchased Bitcoin as a method of enhancing their economic system. As an illustration, the Bulgarian authorities holds greater than 200,000 BTC. A rise within the worth of BTC can extremely favour the state of Bulgaria. If BTC reaches a worth of $100,000, the Bulgarian authorities can have at the least $20,000,000,000 value of Bitcoin.

Liquidity is yet one more issue that makes the 2 fairly alike. Each gold and Bitcoin have liquidity, and they’re environment friendly when it comes to change.

Final however not least, each gold and Bitcoin have been linked to environmental issues. Understandably, mining gold requires destroying a few of the world’s pure habitats. Furthermore, pure sources (i.e. water) will be contaminated throughout the mining course of. Let’s not neglect that human lives are additionally in danger. It’s this mining issue that offers gold extra worth. 

Bitcoin, then again, is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency, that means that the computational energy of the node determines the mining reward likelihood. Because the nodes compete with each other when mining, lots of power is wasted. This excessive power utilization is changing into an issue to the world, as miners go away carbon footprints which might be probably dangerous to the setting. To repair this subject, lots of miners are methods of shifting to renewable power.

However there are some main variations between gold and Bitcoin.


Volatility is the most important distinction that Bitcoin and gold have. The value of BTC can change in a matter of minutes, and that change will be drastic. Gold, nevertheless, is extra secure when in comparison with gold.

Within the final 5 years, the value of BTC might have modified by greater than 10,000%, whereas gold has not even doubled its worth in 5 years.

The value of Bitcoin (BTC) within the final 5 years. Source: CoinMarketCap

The value of gold per kg within the final 5 years. Source: BullionVault

One other distinction that the 2 have is safety. The one methods that you’re weak from having your BTC tokens stolen is that if the hacker will get a maintain of your non-public keys, or if the hacker manages to manage 51% of the community. The latter is technically not possible in a big community similar to Bitcoin. Stealing your non-public keys can be potential provided that you don’t retailer them in protected crypto wallets. Chilly ({hardware}) wallets are offline wallets that may make sure the required security since they don’t make your handle weak to on-line assaults. 

Gold, then again, is bodily. It may be stolen, particularly since it’s often managed by central authorities. There have been many instances the place gold has been stolen. However, such instances are uncommon, and gold nonetheless stays very safe.

Lastly, transparency is one other issue the place the 2 differ. Bitcoin transactions are nameless; solely pockets addresses are accessible to the general public, however nobody can know the particular person behind an handle. This anonymity is what made Bitcoin stand out from different cost strategies.

Gold, nevertheless, is often recorded when it’s used for transactions. Each Bitcoin and gold will be tracked, however Bitcoin addresses stay nameless whereas gold doesn’t present the identical.

What Consultants Assume On The Challenge

Anthony Pompliano – Pomp Investments and founding father of Morgan Creek Digital

“Bitcoin is a 100x enchancment over gold as a retailer of worth. The world is realizing this and starting to reprice digital forex in real-time. Though bitcoin has elevated a whole lot of % in the previous few months, it’s prone to proceed appreciating in US greenback phrases over the approaching years. I believe that bitcoin’s market cap will surpass gold’s market cap by 2030. Because of this, I personal no gold and have a cloth % of my internet value invested in bitcoin.”

Michael Saylor – Co-founder of MicroStrategy

“Bitcoin is digital gold, and it’s sitting on the world’s first digital financial community. That community does the job of gold one million instances higher than gold. You’ll be able to transfer it on the pace of sunshine, you may program it one million instances a second. And it’s been appreciating versus the US greenback greater than 200 % a 12 months on common for a decade, so I believe, at this level, Bitcoin has emerged because the institutional safe-haven asset.” 

JP Thierot – CEO of UpHold

“Gold is, no pun supposed, the usual if you wish to measure buying energy over millennia. The liquidity of gold has been constant over time. Gold is what defines the X-axis of buying energy over time. Bitcoin, whereas it shares defensive qualities with gold, has the extra attribute of being aspirational. What bitcoin would appear to own is the potential to go as much as multiples of a moonshot. Nobody thinks gold will moonshot. Bitcoin can also be finite, not like gold. No improve in demand can change that. There may be zero elasticity.” 

WillyWoo – On-chain analyst

WillyWoo’s tweet relating to Bitcoin as digital gold. Source: Twitter

Pavel Matveev – CEO of Wirex

“The crypto bull run has seized the eye of hundreds of thousands of people that beforehand had by no means thought of digital currencies like Bitcoin to be another asset. Whereas gold and bitcoin are each generally used as a method to diversify and maintain a variety of precious property, in some ways they’re fairly completely different. Bitcoin and different digital currencies will be simply traded on platforms. We have now seen progressive world corporations providing to obtain cost in bitcoin and advocates similar to Tesla taking an energetic function in selling it. This liquidity, ease of change, and wider use within the fashionable economic system are a few of the main differentiators. Gold has a comparatively defensive purpose- to carry worth, whereas Bitcoin and different currencies are supposed to have a number of makes use of, not least ease of change, buy, and liquidity.”


Whether or not Bitcoin is digital gold is determined by the way you view it. Nonetheless, most individuals are steadily shifting from gold to BTC, because the latter has proved to be fairly environment friendly and protected. Furthermore, that is solely the start of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin can simply go to the moon regardless of already being the most important cryptocurrency out there.

Source: Coin Space


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