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Crypto Flipsider News – August 12th

Market Sentiments: Back to $2T, Cardano, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin 

China to Apply Stricter Regulation on Multiple Sectors for Next Four Years

China released a new 5-year plan this week. The document shows that the government is up to stricter regulation across broader sectors including national security, technologies, education and monopolies.

More pressure will be put on the digital economy, internet finance, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. 

The move comes right after the cryptocurrency sector crackdown. Concerns arise that this is just the beginning: crackdowns will continue and grow in the world’s second biggest economy.

Investment Managers Seek Exposure To Crypto: Neuberger Berman, Valkyrie Investments

Stellar Blockchain Served for Establishing a Remittance Corridor Between European Union and Thailand

As the competition in cross-border payments is heating up, the companies are polishing the blockchains in different areas. Velo Labs together with Tempo Payments and Bitazza are launching a $17 billion corridor on the Stellar blockchain between Southeast Asia and all the European Countries.  

Unfortunately, the company’s name and website were used by scammers in order to create a fake airdrop a month ago, which brought some confusion.  

One More Cringy Entrance in Crypto: Logan Paul and Dink Doink

Logan Paul never avoids getting into trouble. After the great scandal with YouTube regarding his footage from the Japanese forest, and his boxing career, the influencer decided to go into crypto. However, his choice of favorite coin was done with quite an acquired taste: Dink Doink, which was already claimed as a scam coin by the crypto community.  

Furthermore, Logan’s tweet where he expresses love to the crypto was already tagged “Tweet is from a suspended account,” and became unavailable.  

Source: DailyCoin


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