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Kidnappers and Human Traffickers in Mexico Prefer Cryptocurrency Payments

In the midst of the Nationwide Migration Conference (CNM) that occurred on August twenty seventh, the highest of financial intelligence revealed that Mexican intelligence companies have registered funds in cryptocurrencies for various authorized actions, along with organ trafficking and human trafficking. 

"We now have had cases related to human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, whereby authorized groups end up buying cryptocurrencies to have the power to introduce illicit property to the financial system or ship them from digital platforms to completely different latitudes, akin to Nigeria,"

acknowledged Nieto Castillo.

Cryptocurrencies have the profit for criminals that, by not being traceable, they’ll evade the laws and the mechanisms carried out by the authorities to forestall money laundering. On this methodology they’ll introduce the money to the Mexican financial system or ship it abroad, he outlined. 

Mexican authorities confirmed that they’re engaged on determining the gangs and the financial routes utilized by the gangs throughout the Northern Triangle. On this sense, the FIU works in coordination with the Nationwide Institute of Migration (INM). 

The FIU has so far obtained 1,904 critiques of peculiar transactions related to 1,674 people who is likely to be involved in these crimes. The intelligence unit acknowledged that in 2016 it obtained a extreme number of critiques as in 2020 and in 2021.

"On the problem of human trafficking, the portions are lots bigger than the problem of smuggling of migrants,"

acknowledged Nieto Castillo.

"The reality is, we uncover lots increased complexity, for example, period of firms, fronts or 'invoices' that are working in human trafficking," 

he added.

Source: Market Watch


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