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Tezos (XTZ): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Community, Future Events

The seventh upgrade – Granada – comes less than three months after the sixth upgrade, Florence, doubled the size of maximum operations on the network; from 16kB to 32kB.

The upgrade has successfully cut the block time on Tezos by half; from 60 seconds to 30. Granada will drastically reduce gas consumption for smart contracts. Consumption will be reduced by an average factor of 3 to 6 times.

Following the release of  Granada, the Tezos network has surpassed 10 million contract calls, from 8 million in the past 8 weeks. In July alone, there were over 2.5 million contract calls on Tezos.

In the first three years of its launch, the Tezos network was only able to amass 5 million contract calls. In all, 2021 has been a spectacular year for Tezos. The activity on the Tezos network has grown as much as 1,200 percent this year.

In June, McLaren Racing announced that it will be building a non-fungible token (NFT) platform on the Tezos blockchain.

In July, CryptoTask, a DeFree freelance application with over 35,000 users and over 100 daily sign-ups announced that it will be moving to Tezos’ blockchain. This week, Rocket Launchpad, a decentralized IDO (initial DEX offering) platform also entered the Tezos network.

Source: Market Watch


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