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24option Review 2019: Scam Broker? What You Need to Know

Read our long form review here:

❓ – 24option was started back in 2014 initially as an online options broker. They have moved into fully CFD trading recently as options faced more scrutiny.

📍 – They are based in Limassol in Cyprus and are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). They also have a license in Belize that is offered through the IFSC.

The CySEC licence allows them to offer their services in Europe. There are also a number of client protections that come with these such as segregated funds and the investor compensation fund.

📈 – There is a plethora of assets that you can trade at 24option. These include commodities, equity indices, stocks, forex and commodities.

Given that these are CFD products, you are trading them with leverage. The leverage levels at 24option are up to 30x for EU traders and up to 500x for countries outside of the EU.

The 30x cap in the EU is for the retail traders only and if you apply for a professional account then you can get this increased to 400x.

🔢 – 24option has pretty reasonable spreads that are in line with many other brokers. Crypto Asset spreads were a bit high for us though.

What I didn’t like was all the other fees that are included. You have withdrawal fees, inactivity fees and even a “monthly maintenance fee” that will be applied to your account.

🧾 – 24option has 4 different accounts that you can choose from. These are the Basic, the Gold, Platinum and VIP. They have different funding levels and offer lower spreads and other goodies the higher the account tier.

🖥️ – 24option has two trading platforms for you to choose from.

They have their standard web-based platform that was developed in-house and has a range of features. It is also pretty well designed and is relatively easy for beginner traders to understand and begin trading with.

They also have the more advanced MT4 platform that is well known to the more technical traders amoung you.

📱 – You can always trade on-the-go with their mobile applications. This is also well designed and has numerous positive reviews in both Apple iTunes and the Google Play store. You can also download the MT4 mobile app if you prefer using this.

💳 – There are a range of funding and withdrawal options available so it will work for almost everyone.

Take note though that before they will allow you to withdraw any funds you will need to verify your identity and complete their KYC.

📚 – There are also a range of educational material that is available at 24option. Videos on demand, ebooks, trading guides and a daily webinar! – Great way for you to bounce trading ideas off professional traders.

❔ – In conclusion, 24option appears to be pretty reasonable broker. They are regulated, have a range of assets and relatively attractive leverage. Their fees may be a bit high for some but their spreads are about in line with others.

⚠️ – If you are going to be trading with them, then make sure that you are practicing adequate risk management. CFDs are risky products and you can lose what you invest.

This is for informational purposes only. Coin Bureau does not provide investment advice, nor is it an offer or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any investment products. Rates and terms set on third-party websites are subject to change without notice.

Source: Coin Bureau

38 Responses

  1. Lean esto antes de cometer el error que cometí yo.
    Cometí el error de poner mi dinero en manos de 24 Option, una supuesta empresa broker que está
    supuestamente domiciliada en ¿Chipre?, lo pongo en interrogantes porque es obvio que lo hacen
    allí pues no están al alcance de una real regulación.
    Ellos toman tu dinero muy amablemente, pero luego te hastían con llamadas para que hagas
    operaciones perdedoras y si quieres hacer un retiro de dinero te exigen que hagas un depósito
    que duplique el valor que vas a retirar.
    Mucho cuidado con ellos, sino, perderás tu dinero.
    Si quieres saber todo el entramado, escribeme. Es hora de poner un alto a estos estafadores.

  2. Nice upload, my advise if you are beginner and want to go into trading please look for a better and nice trader to help you manage your account first before you go into trading fully yourself. This will save you your money instead of losing it during the process of trade thank you.

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  5. My account manager has left me for two days and I lost usd900. I know nothing about trading. I heard that we can make some money on the platform and see what happened. He said that he was here to guide me and to make profit. It was so unprofessional. Don't know what to think.

  6. I really don't trust them at all, I funded my 24option account using easyEFT when I made a withdrawal they asked me to send them my bank statement showing that I have funded 24option account using easyEFT with 24option on the statement, now on my bank statement it shows that I made a payment on such a date but it doesn't show 24 options it shows DORTYGER payment same date that I funded my account and same amount. 24option declined my withdrawal because of the bank statement that doesn't not show their company

  7. They want more money in and when you decline to take loans worth of €90,000.00 they’ll empty your investment account. That's what happened to me. In the beginning it seemed to be ok, but when you want to take money out it is not possible. They say it takes long time to gather the money etc. There's always excuse why you can not have your money back. I have contacted them via customer service and I never got reply in written. My first contact to them was the trading pause of seven weeks. I had that time on my account €85,654.00, suddenly when they started to do the trading, there was less that €20,867.00 left. I checked the trading history win loss report and there wasn't loss enough that could've explained the disappearance of 60,567.0 euros. I was not able to get access to my invested capital including my bonus in the Bloombex account, God so kind, luckily as I was researching for how to get my funds back from the scam broker, then I came across a comment on the broker reviews website find a binary trade funds recovery expert who make my dreams come through Mr Justin Howard Via address: justinhoward692@gmail.com

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  8. A managed futures account is far more profitable, far more secure, and futures are a much more pure trading vehicle. When investing I welcome the regulatory protection. Binary options are too risky in this area.

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  10. Hi
    I have a gain of 1000 € with 24 options. So I decided to do a withdrow. Since I decided to take the money, they started to ask me a lot of documents (Rib, bank statement, my card number, etc….) and they stoped my tradingd after 5 months of trading and every time I send them my documents they ask for more. What should I do? Should I continue sending them my information? Any help please? Any advise?
    Thanks in advance.

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  12. I was fooled by them. They took all my money, they keep asking me to deposit and promised to withdraw a certain amount but never happened. Now I awe huge amount of money from my credit card and and my savings are gone.

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  20. Scam site! I got cheated pls don't invest, they never allow withdrawal. But I was able to get my initial capital out of their portal via the help of a recovery expert from Poland!

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  22. ATTENTION !!!
    OPTION 24 est le VOL de votre argent et même d'identité !!!
    Quand vous voudrez fermer votre compte ils vont vous voler aussi le.peu d'argent que vous avez ( rarement ) obtenue en faisant du "trading"…
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  23. its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when you make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i invest $80,000 with a scam broker and I lost a lot to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert, beware of scam 2021.

    there are whole documentaries about it. i fell for it too – THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY!
    if you got scammed, don't try to get your money back with these random people offering their help in this youtube comment section. THEY'LL ALSO SCAM YOU. go to police/gouverment institutions, get a real lawyer or accept that you'll never see your money again. write reviews and warn other people about it!

  25. I just invest $210 with 24 options. And they Start Trade for me and made $4020 As All my profit. When I request to withdraw my profit they are demanding there commission before the withdrawal.. I felt crazy because if I have invested with them and my all money with them why should I pay the commission in Advance.. so I requested to them that deduct there commission and release the rest as my profit.. but they are not willing to do that. They only want the commission in Advance to release my money..
    Please if anyone there help me out with this

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