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Billionaires Launder Fiat… NOT CRYPTO!! 💸

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0:00 Intro
2:20 Crypto vilified within the media
5:18 How billionaires use fiat?
7:35 China’s capital controls
11:09 Laundering in Macao
15:40 Conventional Finance Launders
20:47 Banks and cash laundering
22:47 Conclusion


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►China capital controls:
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► Cash laundering Macao:
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📺 Crypto In The Media & The Reality 📺

You may have seen information tales that make out that crypto is simply utilized by criminals and cash launderers. The web is affected by content material about laundered crypto, Bitcoin and the Silk Street, BCT ransomware calls for and rather more.

Nevertheless, based on Chainalysis, simply over 1% of all crypto transaction quantity is illicit. In distinction, fiat cash laundering accounts for between 2% and 5% of the world’s complete GDP.

So sure, don’t let the faux information idiot you right here.

🛩️ How billionaires use fiat to launder cash? 🛩️

Right now’s shady billionaire must get their fiat funds by way of a plethora of tax havens, money fronts and banking privateness legal guidelines. More often than not that’s to get round capital controls.

The very first thing these guys do is to legitimize any cash that they could have gotten from questionable means. Meaning getting your money out to a secure jurisdiction.

So, who’s {that a} main downside for?

🇨🇳 The plight of Chinese language billionaires 🇨🇳

China and Hong Kong are dwelling to the second and fifth largest variety of billionaires on the planet. The unhealthy information is that capital controls imply they aren’t technically allowed to get greater than $50k in another country a 12 months.

All that has been completed by China to keep away from capital flight.

So, how do Chinese language billionaires pace up the method of getting fiat out of China?

🎰 How cash laundering works in Macao? 🎰

Macao experiences over 4 occasions extra playing income than Las Vegas. This ambling powerhouse is true subsequent door to China and has its personal particular little financial zone.

Watch my vid to learn the way precisely the Chinese language use Macao to get round these pesky capital controls.

🏦 How conventional finance launders cash? 🏦

As soon as a billionaire has received their cash out of China and is sitting on a mountain of US {dollars}, they should discover a non-public banker. In any other case that cash is sitting there and never incomes a return.

Meaning they should spend money on secure belongings.

Additionally, some could not need to pay taxes and that might contain utilizing offshore tax havens. All these providers could be present in London!

These secure belongings may be one thing like London property. It’s what billionaires do with these belongings that’s actually good; I’m going into all that within the vid.

💵 Banks and cash laundering 💵

Most enterprise carried out by funding banks is above board. Nevertheless, just about each single considered one of them straight revenue from fiat cash laundering and it’s extra widespread than you assume.

► Danske Financial institution laundered €200 billion by way of a tiny financial institution department in Estonia.
► JP Morgan allowed an organization to maneuver greater than $1 billion {dollars} by way of a London account with no clue who owned it. Seems that the corporate is probably going owned by a mobster on the FBI’s prime 10 most wished listing.
► HSBC moved hundreds of thousands of {dollars} value of ponzi scheme good points world wide.

I believe you get the purpose. Cash laundering in conventional finance is rife and a signficantly larger downside than the small quantities taking place in crypto.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific end result.

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49 Responses

  1. Yes, a lot of folks that thought bitcoin was untraceable and used it to buy illicit substances on silk road years ago are now sitting behind bars.

    Not so untraceable.

  2. Law defines crime (in an ideal world), enabling or disabling certain activities or actions. However, in order for the Law to work, Law must be enforced. In order for it to be enforced and re-enforced, you need some kind of law enforcement objects, such as law enforcement agents, investigations, prosecutions and convictions to generate some dissuasion as well. More importantly, for it to work, none of these objects can become corrupted. Corruption destroys everything and can grow everywhere. Any laws, processes, rules will serve nothing when corruption arrises. Therefore, corruption is the first thing that needs to be tackled. Blockchain has the potential to hold the truth and everything built on top of it will have a better change to succeed. The only concern is that if it becomes centralised, it can be controlled. If it can be controlled, it can be misused and we're back to the same old dilema. So, decentralised blockchain technology must envolve to enable a better world. There will always be corruption (it's human nature), but with decentralised secured applications, blockchain in general and crypto in particular have the potential to change the world for better. Truth will bring better relationships at all levels and with freedom and more equal distribution of wealth, I'm sure there will be less reasons for crime to thrive.

  3. Here in NZ we have billionaires visitors from China every now and then. The casino is the final destination. The amount of money they spent is RIDICULOUS . BTW, another great video Guy.

  4. Super Models are NOT prostitutes. Please stop talking about beautiful women as objects to be bought. Super models are actual humans, they are not for sale.

  5. Fascinating video dude, a real eye opener especially why London's property is so damn expensive. And yet at the same time SO depressing…………… yep their ultimate aim is to pay zero tax and yes tax pays for hospitals, schools and feeding the impoverished but such is life morality and making money have never been and never will be bedfellows. Good video though.

  6. In the US when one says money laundering one thinks of drug cartels. I heard HSBC in mexico launders a lot of cartel money and terrorist money in fiat, not crypto. I did'nt know china had that going on , nor south africa…but really I'm not sure I have a problem with the laundering from china and south africa as long as the money is made legit, and not drug or sex trafficking or whatever degenerate behavior. sounds like the guys in china or south africa were just trying to dodge overly exuberant crooked governments.

  7. When I lately tried to explain any person even friends ended up angry telling me I’ve changed and have to stop talk about things that surpass their IQ level 👽

  8. Well-researched bud now have you done anything on the financial businesses that are involved nin money laundering, as well as the unfair Blacklisting of countries such as Barbados and Anguilla. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  9. Funny…I was talking to a Friend last night and she asked me about the morality of crypto and I reminded her that it's a tool that can be used for good or bad….no different than cash.

  10. Thanks Guy!
    You really did your research and this content helps to dispell the myths that continue to slow our progress towards a decentralized financial system.

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