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Bitpanda Review 2019: Safe Exchange? | What I Found Out

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📘 Bitpanda Review 👉 :

BitPanda is a crypto exchange that is based in Vienna and was established in 2014.

They are a registered Austrian company which means that they can take users from all over the European Union.

In terms of security, they have not suffered any hacks. They appear to offer most of the standard security protocols on the exchange side including cold wallets, DDoS protection and multisig wallets.

They also have standard user side security such as two factor authentication and browser / IP brute forcing protections.

In terms of fees, they have a pretty standard trading fee structure. They charge a flat 1.49% for a buy order and 1.29% for a sell order. These are higher than the other exchanges that we have covered.

There are no fees that come with a fiat deposit / withdrawal but there are surprisingly fees applied to crypto deposits.

In terms of crypto coverage, they seem to have a pretty respectable list of coins that you can buy. There are over 16 cryptocurrencies that they offer on their platform and this seems to be expanding.

In terms of Fiat deposit options, there are a number of options. These include credit card, Sepa wires, Skrill, Neteller and even a cash deposit at Austrian post offices.

Take note that BitPanda is a full KYC exchange. They will need to you to submit identity documents if you want to buy crypto.

In order to complete this KYC, they will require some form of personal ID and address verification. How long this will take to process depends on their customer support backlog.

This customer support can be reached through a number of different mediums including contact forms, live chats, and email tickets.

In terms of the trading technology, BitPanda has a pretty simple trading interface. They do not operate order books and when you buy coins, you are buying it right from them.

This means that they are the market maker and the price that you are buying it at may be different from the price on other exchanges.

They do have charting integration from tradingview. However, given that these are simple buy / sell orders, you are severely limited in the amount of technical trading that you can do.

For those who trade on-the-go, Bitpanda also has a mobile app which has the same functionality as their online platform.

Bitpanda also has an OTC desk for those clients who want to clear larger block crypto trades.

In summary, Bitpanda could be a good fiat gateway for a number of smaller Altcoins in Europe. However, their relatively high trading fees and limited platform functionality may annoy some people.

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30 Responses

  1. Great video. Small advice, I'd move your teleprompter closer to your camera lens. It's super obvious you're not looking at the viewer. Or shrink your image and showcase more of the website, or demo a walk-through of the website. Thanks, I'll check out Bitpanda.

  2. i really like bitpanda and their new exchange. i think with the acutal low price of BEST they have one of the lowest trading fees when using the token as fee reducer because u get a garanteed fee reduction value of over 0.1+€ when u use their token that is at the moment auf 0.05€)

  3. Just used them for the 1st time. All went well. A very clean web site presence which is nice. Their registration and ID verification was excellent and fast. Thumbs up!

  4. Hi.

    Good concise review, Guy. I joined Bitpanda around 10 months ago, here's my take:

    Joined from the Uk, went through a facetime phonecall with Austrian KYC agency using my passport. 5 minutes, polite, efficient, no hassle, clear to go.

    Use a Skrill online account – FSA insured – to load up £. Bank debit and Credit cards from UK blocked me depositing direct to Bitpanda. But once you deposit on Skrill, it took one phone call to CC companies to clear future Skrill deposits – don't mention crypto, tell Bank/CC companies you are using money for Euro trips; Skrill is synonymous with gambling to them but also act as online wallets, so frustratingly for them, they cannot legally exercise control over your money as Skrill is a firewall to them. Onc eyour funds are on skrill you can send £ to a Bitpanda £ wallet in your Bitpanda account for easy distribution in to their dozen or so crypto choices.

    As a beginner, I found the Bitpanda visuals extremely helpful – interface and wallets are laid out well, with simple clarity, allowing you to swap currencies simply without needing to know how to use an exchange.

    They do operate an exchange now – you are offered the choice on login to go to the exchange or your wallets platfrom – as Guy said, but I have never used it (checked it out though – same basics as any other), preferring Binance to buy and sell specific cryptos that Bitpanda do not offer.

    Sidenote – I found it easy to send crypto (XRP) from Bitpanda to Binance; Email confirmation and receipts instant. Also, withdrawl of £ to bank account/Skrill seems easy too.

    Overall, very pleased I chose Bitpanda as an entry to crypto. 7/10 for their crypto selection, 9/10 for their wallets interface for any new user. To date almost a year on, no hassles at all, though yet to find out if Brexit will make a difference. So 8/10 from me, recommend them if you want to ease into purchasing crypto/familiarise yourself with an exchange.

  5. I've had rather frustrating experience with this exchange. Every time I tried to deposit fiat – using my bank card or SEPA transfer, there was a delay or even cancellation of the transaction on their side. Every single time! Typically they claimed my references was missing from the request – not true thought, I'm rather meticulous in that respect.
    So I'd agree about the lower fees, but you trade up efficiency.

  6. Been using Bitpanda from Uk for a while now and I haven’t had any issues,transactions are also very fast.They don’t have all the crypto coins though ,I’m completing my portfolio with BC Bitcoin ,very good too just higher fees.

  7. My experience wasn't pleasant, i had to contact (Lorrainebaker4u) via g mail, I'm very happy to connect with her, so i strongly recommend her to anyone here looking for a guide.

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  9. Any possibility you know their "swap" fees? they say that they are lower than their normal 1,49%. but no where do they actually say the exact %. nor do they explain that is is different between coins if so. me and my gf are looking into doing some crypto investing and we've used bitpanda for now as we live in europe. (denmark and germany) but if there is something better, then I'd love the advice you can give. Thanks!

  10. On Bitpanda since end February 2001. Easy entry for beginners, easy to use. I am buying to hold so 'day trading' issues are not an issue for me. Provides bullion access/holding which, I understand, is covered by holdings in a Swiss bullion deposit service: this is a sound model for on-line bullion holding services. I also understand they operate 'secure wallets' for client crypto holdings, retaining the keys: sounds good, in principle.

    As a broker/market maker, there will be a lag in adjusting to significant buying and selling shock waves driven by market panics, and therefore they have a risk profile associated with all such business models, though smaller firms probably carrier a somewhat greater risk. That said, counterparty risk is a general characteristic of the contemporary financial world, as it has ever been, but probably more so now.

    Nice entry point. Am also looking at Exodus for portfolio development.

  11. Thank you for this video. I just open my Bitpanda account and keep on receiving reminders about BEST Rewards. I am not sure how this works. It would be great to have a clear explanation and sample of this reward to understand. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for the video and hope it could be more understanding to others…..The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy hard

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