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BULLISH on ETH!! But NOT on 2.0 Staking… Yet 🧐

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0:00 Intro
2:10 Ethereum 2.0 Recap
4:58 Ethereum 2.0 Staking
7:26 Staking Circumstances
9:40 ETH 1.0 vs. ETH 2.0
12:30 AAX Shoutout
13:43 BETH Token
17:47 Conclusion


⛓️ 🔗 Helpful Hyperlinks 🔗 ⛓️
► Ethereum 2.0 Staking Launchpad:
► Ethereum 2.0 Staking Pool (in growth):
► Ethereum 1.0 Scaling Roadmap:
► Op-Ed on Tokenized ETH 2.0:
► FTX To Record BETH Token:


📕Ethereum 2.0 Recap📕

Ethereum 2.0 has mainly been within the works since Ethereum was created again in 2015. It’s because Ethereum’s founders knew on the outset that it was solely a matter of time earlier than Ethereum’s 15 transactions per second wouldn’t be sufficient to maintain its rising variety of decentralized purposes and their customers.

Ethereum 2.0 will drastically enhance the effectivity of the community. That is doable because of one thing known as ‘sharding’, a expertise that has been utilized in database methods for years to enhance effectivity. In Ethereum 2.0, every sharded chain will be capable to handle its personal subset of consumer accounts and decentralized purposes inside the ecosystem.

💰Ethereum 2.0 Staking💰

To change into a validator on Ethereum 2.0, you simply want 3 issues: 32 ETH, which prices round 15 thousand {dollars} on the time of capturing, a strong web connection, and a practical laptop with modest specs to run the staking software program. Observe that should you wouldn’t have 32 Ethereum however nonetheless wish to stake, you may be a part of an Ethereum 2.0 staking pool.

If the minimal quantity of 525,000 ETH is staked on the two.0 community, you’ll obtain a modest 21% annual proportion yield. This APY falls as extra ETH is staked, with an annual yield of simply 5% when 10 million ETH is staked on the community. It additionally falls should you keep offline for too lengthy or have interaction in any malicious habits, by which case a part of your stake will probably be slashed.

📋Staking Circumstances📋

If you stake your ETH in 2.0, it’s a one-way journey – you will be unable to show your new 2.0 ETH again into 1.0 ETH. Additionally, you will not be capable to withdraw your staked ETH or your staking rewards till the launch of Part 2, which is not going to occur for an additional 2 years on the very least. Lastly, there’s a danger that the community may expertise and error that causes you to lose some or your entire stake.

These situations is likely to be why individuals have been hesitant to stake their ETH on the two.0 community.

🏋️‍♀‍ETH 1.0 vs. ETH 2.0🏋️‍♂‍

For most individuals, promoting their ETH throughout this bull market will probably be exponentially extra worthwhile than staking their ETH in 2.0. As soon as it’s doable to maneuver funds in 2.0, many individuals who staked will probably be itching to say and promote their yields and perhaps even the ETH they staked. This might crash the value of Ethereum sooner or later.

💲BETH Token💲

A Beacon Chain Ether (BETH) token may make it doable to unlock the liquidity of your ETH whereas staking on 2.0. You may stake your ETH in 2.0 utilizing a cryptocurrency trade like FTX, they usually gives you a BETH token representing the two.0 ETH you staked.

The profit for them is that they get to say your staked Ethereum when Part 2 launches two or three years from now, plus the curiosity accrued from staking. The profit for you is that you simply nonetheless have entry to Ethereum you’ve gotten staked through the BETH token which could be freely commerce it on the open market, which means you gained’t miss out on the following bull run.

An interest-bearing BETH token may be issued, which means the token would accrue some portion of the staking curiosity in actual time. This might make BETH helpful for a lot of DeFi shenanigans, and would additionally draw the eye and capital of DeFi customers. The excessive demand for BETH would inspire extra individuals to stake, which might additionally assist safe the Ethereum 2.0 community.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who will not be a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit final result.

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50 Responses

  1. Just stake Cardano. It's much simpler and you don't lock up your ADA. You receive rewards every 5 days and will receive Airdrops. You run a risk of losing your ETH when you stake ETH. ADA is Blockchain 3.0. use the Yoroi wallet and you will see how ADA makes Blockchain simple

  2. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choices of ETH staking pools. Can we get a review comparing ETH staking pools? Eg Coinbase vs Rocketpool vs Argent…

  3. Lol, the mind of a rich person that literally coded his wealth into existence. “Com’on brah. It ONLY fifteen THOUSAND?!”… “Oh btw if your power goes out or you get hacked or whatever I'm taking your money. No down time. No excuses. No mercy.” (Me bing extra now): Me as an average Joe. “Did you just give me an offer. Denied said offer for me? Then say fuck off fuck you with extra steps? Then explain those extra steps?! Are you okay?”… 🤣🤣🤣

    Edit: TLDR Eth didn't think this one through. 🤔

  4. Hi Guy, will you be able to do a follow up on Eth Staking, there is such little news and info about Binance Beth some have said the conversation rates change, its really off putting, and im totally confused, also is Rocketpool safe? can they steal your Eth, who is the safest to go with if you own less than 32 etc, I would really love a follow up on this video as its super important for a lot of people, many thanks love your videos!!!!

  5. Question so are you saying that once etherium 2.0 comes out the current etherium is no longer useful. Will it not roll over into etherium 2.0.

  6. Just don't see Proof of stake reducing waste of energy at all. All I see is once again a method to take away opportunity for low income people to get in and make money. And another thing, when you pay your stake, that will verify peoples identity as i suspect they will pay in FIAT. Nothing more than selection and control, and only people with money can make money in proof of stake. Give us money and we let you earn money. Renaming miners to Validators and get them to pay for mining/ solve calculations and show a different structure is like saying "we no longer mine coin, now we extract coin and you pay for the right to extract it but we give you less coins and give you salty fish in return . or "no longer use round coins, now we use square coins which are completely different." Personally I don't think it is an improvement in any way. The fundamentals of crypto currencies are here equally violated (if not more) compared to the way miners provide their services right now. Miners might get less and pay for getting it. I think it stinks a bit and might be tasting a bit funny too. 🙂

  7. Question: How does Eth 2.0 differ from eth 1.0? Not in the sense of the upgrades and changes, but as the coin. Does that mean there is going to be a new coin called eth2 that ppl will start buying? Or will everyone who owns etc coins be converted to eth 2.0 like an “update.”

    My understanding is very limited and I have been looking into eth and its advantages and how it can have a market cap greater than btc bc of the great platform it has and the value it brings. Thus I really want to understand how exactly this eth 2.0 will effect eth.

    Thanks in advance and for your time.

  8. All thanks to Carlos_1uptrades on !G for helping me to trade my $400 into Bitcoin and I was credited with the sum of $5400 after seven working days of my trade with him now I’m debt free I can settle my bills without even touching my paycheck I’m so happy with Bitcoin life is easy 😊

  9. I need a little clarification. When ETH 2.0 comes out is it a new coin? What about those who are holding ETH?

    Or maybe I misunderstood and ETH upgrade is behind the scenes and there will only be one coin ETH as always. There are so many variations Bitcoin and I hope there are no new coin where we have to sell old ETH and by new one, or migrate, or forks, etc.

  10. I hope I am allowed to ask this here. I have one eth and not to sure what pools are the best to stake in or wether one is even enough. Anyone got any info or recommendations.

  11. I'm trying to understand how it impacts the ETH I've bought on Binance, so apologies for anything written that might seem obvious… But, will my ETH purchased become obsolete and lose value over time… will Binance have ETH 2.0 for sale when it arrives… as in that the ETH fork is available for purchase on there too also. I'm trying to work out whether or not I can hold my ETH for a decade (In the same way I'm just going to HODL my Bitcoin. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated

  12. Locking my money away for a few years is a small price to pay for 21% GUARANTEED returns on top of any appreciation in ether in that time. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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