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Coinbase Pro Review: Worth it? Everything You Need to Know

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► Overview 📝

Coinbase Pro is the advanced trading platform of Coinbase. It used to be called GDAX until a re-branding last year.

Offers a much more advanced trading experience that allows traders access to numerous different coins.

They take traders from the UK, US and Europe with Fiat on-boarding options.


► Security 🔑

Uses the same securities and protections that you have at the Coinbase Main Exchange.

Coinbase practices coin management protocols such as cold storage and multisignature wallets.

All USD account balances at Coinbase have FDIC insurance for the accounts that have over $250k.

Includes standard user side security such as two factor authentication etc.


► Asset Coverage 💎

Almost 40 trading pairs that you can trade on the exchange. This is much more than is offered on the Coinbase main exchange but is less than Binance or Kraken.


► Fees & Spreads 💸

Coinbase Pro operates a maker-taker fee model. These are also dynamic and will vary according to your trading volume.

Taker fees range from 0.05% to 0.25% whereas the maker fees range from 0% to 0.15%.


► Registration 🕵

Coinbase users can easily activate a Coinbase Pro account by logging in with their Coinbase account.

Those who are not registered will have to create a new account and complete their KYC requirements (Proof of ID and Address)


► Funding / Withdrawals 💳

Numerous different funding options and is the same that is on offer at Coinbase. This include Credit Card, Wires, SEPA, PayPal, Crypto etc.


► Trading Technology 🖥

Coinbase Pro platform is pretty well laid out and intuitive to use.

You have market order books, buy-sell walls, previous orders and other features. You can also easily switch between the different markets and trade the other coins.

Limited charting functionality and advanced order forms for the technical analysts out there.


► Mobile Trading 📱

There is no app specific for Coinbase Pro so users will have to trade on a mobile browser.

If they want to administer their account then they can always use the standard Coinbase mobile application.


► API Functionality ⌨️

There is API functionality for the developers which allows REST connections and Websocket.


► Customer Support ☎️

Customer support is slower than usual which could be to do with the large user base at Coinbase.

There is a ticket support system as well as well as standard email and a dedicated phone line.


► Conclusion 💁🏻‍♂️

The exchange is easy to fund, trade on and is one of the most secure. It benefits from the knowledge and expertise of Coinbase.

Charting could be improved for the technical analysts.


► Warning!! ⚡️

Be sure to complete adequate risk management. Do Your Research before investing in cryptocurrencies as they are risky instruments.

► Disclaimer 📜

This is for informational purposes only. Coin Bureau does not provide investment advice, nor is it an offer or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any investment products. Rates and terms set on third-party websites are subject to change without notice.

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43 Responses

  1. Hey man when you get some extra time you should look into $MESG.
    Its extremely flexible and expandable tech that could be used 100 different ways man!
    Algorithmic Token Distribution is next level stuff too… You should be the first to cover it.

  2. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY AT COINBASE PRO. I PUT $200 AND THEY WON'T LET ME WITHRAW…. Why wouldnt they let me withraw when money is already available in the backoffice . They already cleared the funds from my bank… It is SCAM…..

  3. can you tell me if buying on coinbase pro is equivalent to buying on coinbase, in terms of owning bitcoin? that is, will if i buy on coinbase pro, and the price drops by a lot, will i be stopped out of my order (and thereby own 0 bitcoins)? with coinbase, no matter how much the price drops, i will still hold on to however much bitcoins i have, no matter how much price drops, right? so technically, i am always in the trade even if bitcoin becomes worthless. but with coinbase pro, do i just get kicked out of the trade (lose the bitcoin plus have to pay for how much i lost)?

  4. Coinbase pro sucks! I did ACH deposit which takes 3-5 days. My bank does not outgoing ACH or wire so I had to go through coinbase pro. Max ACH deposit is $1000. So I have to do deposit for a whole week. The first one took 3 days. The 2nd one took 5 days, 3rd one 7 days and the 4th one 10 days. So if I keep depositing, it could take a whole month before everything clears. How stupid is that.

  5. Why the hell have coinbase and coinbase pro?!!! Have a single platform that is dependable, secure and scalable with reasonable fees. If I’m trading on your platform, coinbase or coinbase pro, the fees should be the same?!?? What the hell!

  6. Coinbase is the worst for fees. They don't charge for some things but the mining fees are just as bad and they're not on the transaction statement. So you have to do math to find out how much the miner took from you for handling that transaction. Coinbase is built around fees whether it's them receiving them or the miner, they are takers. Coinbase pro is way better for fees but the interface is rough. If you really want to go with Coinbase, stay away from the main site and go Pro. It'll save you a bundle if you plan to use the site with any regularity.

  7. This so far has been my experience with coinbase pro:
    coinbase lets you use bank account money to buy crypto currency while coinbase pro only lets you buy crypto by depositing your bank account money into the US dollar section. Also, I noticed that when you transfer your crypto to coinbase it takes away 0.1 crypto coin which if you have bitcoin that is a lot of money stuck in coinbase pro account. I assume they take 0.1 to balance out the crypto in coinbase as coinbase don’t take for example 0.25 it will have to be 0.25326645 of crypto currency. Another con I found was if you have 0.17 cents left in the US dollar section you can’t transfer it back to your account unless you deposit minimum $10 so that you can take your cents back. That’s the annoying little things I found about coin base pro when I was using it.

    Only pro i found aside from the great data provided about each crypto is the low fee you pay when buying crypto.

  8. be a way from Coinbase , more than a week I couldn't buy or sell because my account under review without notification or any explications. really is the worst scenario it can imagine to happen. Watching my account down and down…

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