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Crypto Categories You NEED TO KNOW!! 101 Guide 🤓

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0:00 Intro
1:53 Retailer Of Worth Cryptocurrencies
5:53 Good Contract Cryptocurrencies
10:27 Oracle Cryptocurrencies
12:57 Fee Cryptocurrencies
15:13 Privateness Cryptocurrencies
19:00 Alternate Tokens
20:45 Meme Cash
23:48 Conclusion


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► Dogecoin Historical past Defined:


💲Retailer Of Worth Cryptocurrencies💲

Because the title suggests, retailer of worth cryptocurrencies are designed to carry and even improve their buying energy over time

Whereas Bitcoin is the one cryptocurrency that falls into the shop of worth class, some would argue that different cryptocurrencies like Litecoin fall beneath this umbrella as nicely

👨‍💻 Good Contract Cryptocurrencies👨‍💻

Good contract cryptocurrencies are designed to be programmable with much less emphasis on storing worth. They make it potential to create tokenized property and decentralized purposes

There are over 5 thousand dApps with thousands and thousands of customers on about two dozen good contract cryptocurrency blockchains, primarily Ethereum and the Binance Good Chain

🔮Oracle Cryptocurrencies🔮

Oracle cryptocurrencies make it potential to deliver actual world knowledge to good contract cryptocurrency blockchains

The distinction between knowledge feeds like APIs and oracle cryptocurrencies is that the information feeds that oracle cryptocurrencies present are decentralized

💳Fee Cryptocurrencies💳

Fee cryptocurrencies goal to interchange the present fee programs we use at this time, and generally use good contract expertise to do that

Fashionable fee cryptocurrencies embody Bitcoin Money, Sprint, Terra, and Telcoin. A few of these fee cryptos characteristic elaborate good contracts and dApp ecosystems centered on funds

🔏Privateness Cryptocurrencies🔏

Privateness cryptocurrencies are designed to protect your privateness when making transactions or utilizing dApps

These are the problems that privateness cryptocurrencies search to deal with, they usually are available all types of textures and flavors with some specializing in good contracts and others on funds

📊Alternate Tokens📊

Exchanges tokens are owned and operated by the cryptocurrency exchanges they belong to. You may consider change tokens as being a mix of a membership subscription and firm inventory

Alternate tokens are like a membership subscription as a result of they can provide you a complete bunch of perks resembling buying and selling price reductions and VIP entry to early coin and token gross sales

Alternate tokens are like firm inventory as a result of the efficiency of an change token will depend on the recognition of the change in query

🐶Meme Cash🐶

Most meme cash don’t have any particular use case and exist for no different cause in addition to hype and a false promise of revenue

Most of the meme cash you’ve seen pop up over the previous couple of months have equally huge provides, which implies they gained’t be reaching 1 greenback any time quickly both

Most meme cash exist for one objective, and that’s to counterpoint their creators. You may attempt your luck driving that wave, however the danger isn’t well worth the reward in my private opinion.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific final result.

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  1. Hope this video helps you decide between those alts. Don't forget that what is on the tube is only a fraction of what I share on my other socials 👉 https://guy.coinbureau.com/socials/

    Edit: I know there are a few Elrond fans that are upset about me pointing out the high wallet balances on the Elrond explorer.
    I am aware that some are smart contracts as this is noted on the left side of the explorer, and I noted this in my most recent video about Elrond. The other wallets on Elrond's rich list are not labeled on the Elrond explorer, and I have not seen any primary sources coming from the Elrond team that confirm who those other wallets belong to.

    If and when this changes, I will be happy to correct it in my next video about Elrond 🙏🏻

  2. I need help from someone out there especially Guy if possible. I'm stuck : my Trust Wallet won't swap anything. I went the support they want my Trust address .Being so new ( 1yr) I don't know where to find .it Is it the QR code that comes up? I' be read their help guides. I've updated pancake swap many times to no avail. Money sitting and not able buy in down market is very frustrating to say the least. Any help from anybody would be so appreciated. Thank you before hand.

  3. Most time having knowledge or insight about a particular activity can as well be a pleasing exercise. I can boldly say that forex and crypto trading is one of the profitable money exchange services that elevates investors and their financial status.

  4. I will love it if you bring on Cathie woods to your channel . she's been exceptional with her services so far,Trading has been made easy with her help. The interesting part about her guidance is that I get to understand most of this trading videos on YouTube.

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  6. Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Awesome content ❤️. I also watched those similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool info about similiar make money online things on his channel.

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  9. Given bitcoin will eventually reach 0 coins, there is no belief needed. It'll likely be pointless long before that. There are a max of 21million coins. coins can and have been lost and that won't stop. ergo bitcoin has a decidedly limited lifespan. estimated last coin mine is around 2140 to 2160. Only way to stop it going belly up is a hard fork removing this limit and replacing it with a system that allows effectively unlimited supply, but with a dynamic difficulty that prevents significant inflation or deflation.

  10. so im baby sitting for my mates 9 year old child, after accidently showing him a meme on facebook i was being extra careful, an educationial video about crypto why not, THE ONLY WORD HE PICKED UP ON SHOWS UP AT 16:25 please be more carful

  11. Guy is the Man!!! Please make a video on the "negative" "short coming" of Crypto that we need fixing. For example, traditional U.S. Banking and financial services provide better customer service and have gain most folks "trust" , were they deposit their money, and "for the bast mayority our deposits are safe". Must of my non Crypto friends and Family are "worry" about linking their Bank Accounts to Coinbase or Gemini. Most non tech savy people prefer Traditional Banking and Financial service avility to speak to real people vs. figuring an App. Traditional Banking and finanical services are more "expensive" because they EMPLOYED HUMANS that need salaries and benefits vs. "DAPPS" , " DAOS" and computer systems that do a poor job at customer service etc. ….try talking to a human at Coinbase, Gemini, KuCoins… They ALL have terrible "email customer service". I am a Crypto enthusiast, I believe is the Future of finance, however; to ignore that this tech is difficult to use for most non tech savy people is a problem i hope gets resolve. That's why Tech. Savy unethical people are exploiting others with "meme coins".

  12. If you have lost money on meme coins guy is your Guy. He is destroying your profits daily. All other content great but the FUD is costing people 100s of thousands. He says he is protecting people but sorry to say his FUD is sad. Shiba is meme sure and I would buy but his other pet hate atm has great team doing great things for community and guy using his influence to drive price down????? I don't know either.

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