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Crypto Portfolio 101: Beginner Tips For MAX Gains!! 📈

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📺Important Movies📺

Why Bitcoin Pumps & Dumps 👉
Monero Evaluation 👉
Trade Tokens Defined 👉
Cardano Upcoming DeFi 👉
Theta Cryptocurrency Potential 👉
100x Tokens In Binance DeFi 👉
How To Discover Good ICOs 👉


0:00 Intro
1:55 The Crypto Market
4:48 Balancing Threat vs. Reward
7:13 Low Threat, Low Reward Cryptos
9:31 Medium Threat, Medium Reward Pt. 1
11:05 Medium Threat, Medium Reward Pt. 2
12:52 Medium Threat, Excessive Reward Cryptos
15:03 Excessive Threat, Excessive Reward Cryptos
18:01 Conclusion


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📊The Crypto Market📊

Like each monetary market, the cryptocurrency market has its personal cycle. This cycle lasts about 4 years and appears to be brought on by the Bitcoin halving which happens each 4 years

Traditionally, the height of every cryptocurrency market cycle has taken place a few yr and a half after the Bitcoin halving

This implies that the highest for this present 4-year cycle might be a while on the finish of the yr, particularly late November or early December

⚖Balancing Threat vs. Reward⚖

Investing in BTC again within the day carried a danger that few of us would be capable of abdomen, as a result of it might have simply as simply gone to zero. This is part of why early buyers like Binance CEO CZ obtained wealthy off BTC

By way of danger, investing in BTC might be not far off from investing in Tesla inventory, particularly now that Tesla holds billions of {dollars} of BTC

Except you’re younger with no obligations or debt, you most likely received’t be capable of tackle the danger required to get these types of beneficial properties

💲Low Threat, Low Reward 💲

Bitcoin and Monero are two cryptocurrencies that I take into account to be “low danger, low reward”, that means they might go up by one other 50 to 100% by the top of this bull market, and extra within the subsequent decade

That is nonetheless magnitudes extra than simply every other funding on the planet, which is one thing it’s best to have in mind earlier than you complain about these returns

💰Medium Threat, Medium Reward Pt.1 💰

In terms of medium danger, medium reward crypto performs, sensible contract cash are a superb place to begin

Examples embody Ethereum’s ETH, Polkadot’s DOT, Cardano’s ADA, Solana’s SOL, Cosmos’ ATOM, and Kusama’s KSM. These will see returns of between 2-5x by the top of this bull market

💰Medium Threat, Medium Reward Pt.2 💰

Trade tokens carry an identical degree of danger and reward. They’re particularly designed to extend in worth, however are centrally managed, therefore the designation

Examples embody BNB, the FTX token, the Huobi Token, the Kucoin Shares token and OkEx’s OKB token

💸Medium Threat, Excessive Reward 💸

These are cryptocurrencies that meet the next standards: One, a market cap of no less than a number of hundred million {dollars} with good alternate help and ample buying and selling quantity

Two, the challenge has a real-world use case or one which solves a real-world downside. Three, the use case is straightforward for the common particular person to know and see the place the worth is

4, the challenge has a functioning product that has seen respectable adoption. And 5, the crypto will need to have strong tokenomics and token allocations.

🤑Excessive Threat, Excessive Reward 🤑

Discovering these cash or tokens is extraordinarily exhausting and investing in them carries the identical dangers as investing in BTC again within the day. It’s all or nothing

Apart from Binance “DeFi”, there’ll quickly be different DeFi ecosystems ripe for the selecting on Polkadot and Cardano

You is likely to be higher off trying to find good ICOs in the event you’re searching for a 100x return


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific end result.

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