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Crypto Terms & Lingo: The COMPLETE OG’s GUIDE!! 😎

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0:00 Intro
2:06 HODL
4:04 FOMO
5:41 FUD
7:41 Hopium
9:31 Shitcoin
11:45 DeFi Slang
17:05 Conclusion


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► Historical past of FOMO and FOBO:
► Origins of FUD:
► First recorded use of hopium:
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► Yield Farming Defined:



HODL stands for Maintain On For Expensive Life and it is among the core philosophies of cryptocurrency investing. HODL means holding on to your crypto for the long run and paying no consideration to the short-term value motion.

Individuals who HODL are referred to as HODLers, and a few HODLers intend on holding on to their Bitcoin till a single BTC is price tens of millions of {dollars}.Different HODLers intend to HODL till cryptocurrency turns into the brand new monetary customary, with BTC as the worldwide retailer of worth.


FOMO stands for Worry Of Lacking Out. In cryptocurrency, FOMO is what you’re feeling whenever you see the worth of a coin or token you don’t have pushing previous new all-time highs. FOMO is technically a social nervousness which was recognized over 25 years in the past

Nonetheless, it wasn’t till 2004 that the FOMO was coined by enterprise capitalist and writer Patrick J. McGinnis, who subsequently popularized it in an op-ed he revealed whereas learning on the Harvard Kennedy Enterprise faculty.

😱 FUD 😱

FUD is the alternative of FOMO and stands for Worry, Uncertainty, and Doubt. In distinction to FOMO, FUD just isn’t a social nervousness, however a propaganda tactic used solely in gross sales and advertising.

Individuals who unfold FUD are known as FUDsters, or the company media. Though the idea of FUD has existed because the late 1600s, it turned in style in advertising within the Nineteen Seventies, particularly after a outstanding laptop architect named Gene Amdahl left IBM to begin his personal software program firm in 1975


Hopium is mainly an dependancy to false hopes. Hopium was first utilized by Zero Hedge writer Tyler Durden in December 2010 in an article discussing Goldman Sach’s sudden change in forecast for the American economic system from bearish to bullish


Based on Unhashed Podcast host Ruben Somsen , a shitcoin is a “coin that may be predicted to go to zero due to its flawed fundamentals”. Shitcoin was first utilized in November 2010 by Bitcointalk person gavin andresen who predicts that if “Bitcoin actually takes off, I can see a variety of get wealthy fast imitators approaching the scene” and notes “shitcoin” as being one in every of these imitator cash

🤑DeFi Slang 🤑

Yield farming basically entails a mixture of borrowing, lending, and buying and selling throughout a number of DeFi platforms to maximise the annual share yield or APY being earned on deposited cryptocurrency. Individuals who yield farm are referred to as yield farmers.

DeFi degens are yield farmers and builders who chase yields in any respect prices. DeFi Degens are to DeFi what whales are to cryptocurrency buying and selling. Which means that they have a tendency to set the developments and will make or break a DeFi undertaking.

A ‘rug pull’ is when a cryptocurrency undertaking that launches on a decentralized alternate like Uniswap abruptly has the liquidity from its buying and selling pair eliminated by the creator of the pool, i.e. the individuals behind the undertaking.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit final result.

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  1. Never mind!… finally visited the merchant store and see that there IS indeed a tshirt version, and also that the “man” on the moon is in a space suit which makes gender irrelevant. I could’ve just edited my previous comment but I prefer to be transparent… plus I hate it when I see people request vids on certain coins without having Done Their Research to see that you’ve already covered that coin… so, I figured I ought follow the advice of my own judgements — LOL! Whoops!

  2. Great! Just watched this vid even though it’s already June. Hey!, I hear you mention STONKS, Sats (or sacks?) and STATS (which I guess is Statistics?)… those are some I don’t know. I’d also heard that it was possible that HODL could’ve originally been a typo by the drunken author (whose name I can’t remember at the moment) which was then adopted and anachronised?
    Thanks again for the great vid. Would love to see that hoodie as a t-shirt or tank top w/ a woman on the moon! 🤔

  3. I am very sad to be an absolute Virgin Trader, however I'm amazed that my unfortunate position is STILL miles above many of my friends who have no crypto whatsoever.

  4. Can I find a fucking video with normal vocab like blockchain, smart contracts, slots, nodes, Proof-of-work, Proof-of-stake, etc? These r dumb

  5. Love all you do, but I want you to know the audio on this video sounds over-modulated and that makes it hard to listen to. You can turn it down, I can turn it up on my end!

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