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Fed Targeting Crypto?? This Will SHOCK YOU!! 😱

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0:00 Intro
2:20 Why The Fed is Powerful
5:12 Who is Jerome Powell?
7:23 2018 – 2019: Hands off
10:48 2020: Pandemic & CBDCs
14:16 2021: Things Get Heated
18:39 Latest Developments
20:21: Things Get Heated
20:50 Conclusion


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πŸ€” Why Fed Important πŸ€”

The Fed is tasked with shaping monetary policy which impacts the amount of liquidity in the system. It is this monetary policy that affects everything from interest rates to growth, employment and inflation.

What the Fed does with Monetary policy can effectively determine which direction the economy goes.
Knowing what the Fed thinks about crypto can help you determine whethere there will be any regulations and other enforcement.

πŸ—“ Powell in The Early Days πŸ—“

Jerome Powell is the first non-economist as Fed chairman in over 40 years. Jerome was elected as Fed chair back in 2017 during Trump’s first year in office.

We have some indications of his early views on crypto. In a speech that he made at the Economic club of New York in 2017 Powell said that he had nothing against Bitcoin. He also said that they were cautious on any sort of CBDC.

πŸ—“ 2018-2019 Thinking Evolves πŸ—“

In a congressional session in 2018, Jerome unloaded on cryptocurrency. He claimed that most of those that were buying cryptocurrencies were doing so in an expectation of an increase in price. Moreover, he had consumer concerns with crypto.

However, he did seem to have a more positive view about blockchain technology more broadly which shows that he was thinking about the tech early on.

πŸ—“ 2020 Pandemic & CBDCs πŸ—“

As 2020 rolled around, the world was in a relatively stable state. The stock market was near all time highs, economic growth was strong and the Fed was no doubt enjoying the relative calm.

Of course, the Pandemic through all of that off track and the Fed had to respond with unprecedented money printing.

However, the Fed still talked about Crypto. There was a paper that was released in August that talked about it. This was released on the same day that Lael Brainard was giving a speech on crypto risks

It was also revealed that the Fed was busy working with researchers from MIT on a potential stablecoin implementation.

Powell was also involved in a BIS panel discussion last year where he talked about the risks that are involved with cryptocurrency and the benefits that come from a state issued CBDC.

πŸ—“ 2021 Things Get Serious πŸ—“

In Feb, Jerome was back in Congress talking about cryptocurrencies. On CBDCs he said: ‘This is something we’re investing time and labor in, across the Federal Reserve system’

In the summit he also talked about how Bitcoin could be seen as an alternative to Gold.

He also took massive issue with private sector cryptocurrencies and stablecoins like Diem etc.


πŸ“œ Disclaimer πŸ“œ

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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Source: Coin Bureau

23 Responses

  1. "Magic" is right. I hope the U.S. does a crypto coin and puts millions of software systems in and then nobody uses it …The gov should use blockchain to vote on everything, I mean everything, so sad the American people get to vote on a few people(all corrupt)..Instead of 6 months arguing over "spare change" in a stimulus bill during global pandemic while the people suffer and in the end does not even pass , could have had people vote and be done in 1 day…Anyway not sure why I am ranting LOL , great vid as usual , I could sit and watch all day…Oh wait I do πŸ™‚

  2. Look into the Bank of International Settlements and see the history of who set it up, this is a long game take-over strategy. BIS was created by "Germans" during WWII when they realised they would not win by force.

  3. The only way to counter this disregard of freedom is through a decentralized network. StrongNode can actually do this with their edge computing technology allowing for the creation of a decentralize node mesh network in the future!

  4. I believe the FED, the SEC and Ripple are working closely together to use XRP as the β€˜gateway/bridge’ to the digital dollar. Its amazing how this β€˜fake case’ of ripple v’s the SEC (with so many ludicrous events unfolding) seems to be getting dragged out (and agreeing to be dragged out by both parties!) which could tie in perfectly with the recess and a change of crypto policies. Its also amazing how bitcoins narrative has changed over the last year or so to a β€˜store of wealth’ i.e gold, ETH being smart contracts and XRP will be β€˜the bridge’ to all digital currencies across the globe (just look at the IMF white paper and various conferences referencing ripple). Btw im not part of any XRP army, i just believe the Worlds superpowers wont be giving up their own currencies BUT they know the need for introducing a digital version of it that can be traded and sent cross border so a bridge that allows this seems more plausible.

  5. Physical fiat dollars ARE THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. get some while u still can. Physical dollars will buy many CBDCs, just like gold bought many physical dollars. Would you rather hold federal reserve liabilities (physical dollars) or corporate/government liabilities? Lmao

  6. lol the "shareholders/owners" of the Federal Reserve bank are far more powerful than the President. Was that a joke when you said the President is more powerful than the Fed? Because it made me laugh. Thats like saying Jeff Bezos has more money than the banking families.

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