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How Bitcoin hits $12M w Robert Breedlove: Bitcoin, Cash, CBDC's, Gold, Threats, Cycles + Society

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The “What’s Cash?” Present Youtube – www.youtube.com/channel/UC43_LTf5Z4lbRjKCq0sIAVg
The “What’s Cash?” Present podcast –
The Freedom Analects substack –

0:00 Not monetary recommendation
0:10 Introductions – the battle between Math and Macro and Gravity
1:30 Fast intro – the way you fell into the Bitcoin Rabbit Gap
4:06 Ethereum bought me into it – Nick Szabo and Sensible Contracts and Austrian Economics
6:50 What had been you pondering in March April 2020 when the cash printing started?
10:00 The Excellent Storm
11:00 How would u clarify BTC to a 10-year-old or Charlie Munger in 160 characters or much less?
14:14 Immutable Cash – Trustless type of Cash
15:50 Why are nonbelievers nonetheless nonbelievers? Is it a persona flaw? 
20:10 Close to your philosophy and macro how do you view what central banks are doing to push CBDC adoption and the way you suppose they’ll search to sluggish Bitcoin’s decentralized huge adoption price?
22:00 Tax price at 100% means you’re a slave. 0% means self-sovereign Citizen. CBDC dystopian.
24:28 Does Bitcoin have any Rival?
28:17 I’ve seen you on the Kitco Gold Channel – Your ideas are round BTC vs gold’s rally throughout the Seventies (evaluation offered by Constancy) whether or not Bitcoin will, like Oil and Gold did throughout the 70s stagflationary interval, massively outshine bonds and equities.
33:40 Bitcoin will outperform each asset class.
34:48 Talking of Gold, and market manipulation, do you suppose Whale Manipulation will ever finish or will it transfer to the JP Morgan’s of the world?
38:00 Bitcoin unifies commerce and settlement
38:50 12.5M worth goal by 2031 – CAGR is affordable. What’s going to occur to Alt Coin world if Bitcoin shoots to 12.5M?
40:00 True decentralization
42:30 Tempo of change of improvement for Alts. Query – the 250 Trillion market with nothing left to resolve.
45:30 What’s the largest RISK in BTC’s ascendancy to $12M+ over the subsequent decade?
47:58 We have to query every part from first ideas. It is a complete transformation – Agricultural Age to Industrial Age to Digital Age…
50:00 As a matter of context, how a lot do you reckon a loaf of bread or an oz. of gold will likely be valued at throughout the time-frame of a 12.5 M Bitcoin valuation in US$?
51:00 French Historical past of The “livre tournois” was the essential unit of forex in France. QE in France let to Extreme Spending
54:40 Mannequin Time – how I mannequin future Bitcoin costs and the way we may theoretically get to $12M per bitcoin based mostly on quantitative easing, acceleration, inflation and extra.
56:00 Mannequin #1 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 – CAGR 33%
59:10 Mannequin #2 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 – IA anticipated case – $1.4M Bitcoin in 2031
1:00:10 Mannequin #3 $1.1M Bitcoin in 2031 – 35% financial growth, 69% CAGR for Bitcoin = $12.35M (1.169M in actual buying energy phrases in 2031)
1:06:00 Plan B Inventory to Movement Mannequin
1:07:00 Is there a hazard that Bitcoin may destabilize society ie the brand new haves vs have nots. Not all Whales like Saylor have the nice of society of their hearts.
1:10:00 Is Bitcoin an IQ take a look at? Do you consider it’s Darwinian?
1:11:00 Will Bitcoin create a greater world?
1:12:30 Deep into sport idea pondering 3-6 years forward chess strikes to return. PetroBitcoin, Main sovereigns, CBDC wars?
1:14:00 Nash equilibrium of FIAT forex
1:15:20 China shopping for up ports and infrastructure – how does that play in?
1:16:20 Your ideas on Bitcoin Maximalism???
1:18:40 What aside from Bitcoin and Actual Property, what different property do you make investments to guard your self from additional fiat debasement?
1:21:10 Hypothetically, what would occur to Bitcoin worth IF USD was backed by gold once more? And Would there be as a lot dependence on BTC as a retailer of worth?
1:22:20 FUN Q – is it true you might have a Bitcoin tattoo underneath your bicep 💪🏻 ???


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