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Privacy Coins: The HOTTEST Projects for 2021!! 🔍

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0:00 Intro
2:22 What’s Secret Community?
4:19 How Does Secret Community Work?
6:14 SCRT Tokenomics
9:03 Secret Community Potential
11:20 What’s Twister Money?
13:16 How Does Twister Money Work?
15:07 TORN Tokenomics
16:40 Twister Money Potential
21:03 Outro


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► Secret Community Blockchain Explorer:
► Keplr Browser Pockets:
► Secret Ethereum Bridge & SecretSwap AMM:
► How Twister Money Works In Element:
► Twister Money App:
► Twister Money Privateness Ideas:
► TORN Token Particulars:


🤫What’s Secret Community?🤫

Secret Community is the primary cryptocurrency blockchain to supply privateness preserving good contracts known as ‘secret contracts’.

Nonetheless, Secret Community’s native SCRT coin is *not* a privateness coin. Solely the Secret Tokens used within the good contracts protect consumer privateness. Viewing keys make it potential to be compliant with laws.

🛠How Does Secret Community Work?🛠

Secret Community was constructed utilizing the Cosmos SDK. It makes use of Tendermint, which is a byzantine fault tolerant delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism

Secret Contracts on Secret Community obtain privateness by operating inside trusted execution environments or TEEs. These operate like a black field whereby computations might be carried out on encrypted knowledge

💰SCRT Tokenomics 💰

Enigma token holders got the choice to burn ENG on Ethereum to mint an equal quantity of SCRT on Secret

Whereas solely 115 million ENG had been burned, Secret Community minted an extra 45 million SCRT to fund numerous components of the community.

📊Secret Community Potential📊

Secret Community already has a protracted laundry record of desired DeFi protocols together with artificial belongings, lending, borrowing, and automatic yield protocols like yearn finance

The Secret Ethereum bridge already has over 50 million {dollars} of Ethereum belongings locked, which is greater than a fourth of the market cap of the SCRT coin

🌪What’s Twister Money?🌪

Twister Money is a protocol that makes it potential to ship personal transactions on Ethereum

🛠How Does Twister Money Work?🛠

Ethereum belongings are deposited into a wise contract. When that is performed, a cryptographic proof (“receipt”) is given to the depositor, which permits them to assert no matter quantity of crypto they deposited.

A privateness know-how utilized in Zcash known as Zksnarks makes it potential to assert these cash utilizing the proof with out revealing which cash had been initially deposited to get that proof, thus breaking the connection between sender and recipient

💰TORN Tokenomics💰

TORN is an ERC-20 token that’s used to control the Twister Money protocol. There was no ICO for the token

As an alternative, vouchers to assert the tokens had been airdropped to all Ethereum pockets addresses that deposited belongings into the protocol previous to December sixth, 2020

This airdrop was designed to make sure an equitable distribution of tokens. The common consumer acquired over 23 000$USD in TORN. Solely 500 thousand TORN had been airdropped and TORN has a max provide of 10 million.

📊Twister Money Potential📊

TORN has a really small market cap, and the TVL locked on Twister Money suggests it may develop considerably

Nonetheless, it’s unclear whether or not that TVL is simply folks farming TORN tokens.
From a supply-demand perspective, there’s much more provide of TORN that has but to come back on to the market and there’s probably not sufficient demand to fulfill it


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The knowledge contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit end result.

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36 Responses

  1. Many people ask me why I invested my not small funds in SCRT, because there will be questions from the regulator about this project, since it is anonymous!!! I'm tired of explaining that privacy and anonymity are different things!!! At the initial stage, when SCRT started as an Enigma project, there were questions from the regulator, but later they changed the strategy taking into account the comments of the regulator and the Secret Network project was launched. There are no questions about this project from the regulator. There are questions for anonymous projects! And SQRT is the confidentiality of smart contracts and I think this is a fundamental project for which the future is. I've been on the train for a long time:) and now I'm just waiting for a flight into space:)

  2. Check Morphose Cash (morphose.cash) out. It's a privacy coin on binance similar to Tornado Cash. Torn has $2billion MC right now, while Morph only has $3million! They already have a working product on binance chain and plan to make more upgrades and incorporate privacy features in other blockchains.

    Buy now and hold for 3-6 months for 1000x profit.


    Not a financial advise.

  3. I believe Partisia ($MPC) is far superior, some highlights, and reasons why I invested in the Partisia project (instead of SCRT) are:

    1. The Partisia team is exceptional. The tech team lead is Ivan Damgard (who has his own Wikipedia page) but essentially he is the co-inventor of the Merkle-Damgard Hash Function which gave us the SHA cryptography today that powers blockchains like Bitcoin.

    2. It has been backed and invested in by the Innovation fund of Denmark which gave them $3.9m and also got funding from EU's Next Generation Internet Trust (NGI) to develop privacy preserving solutions for Internet searches.

    3. I think it has a strong use case. Look at all the data breaches that have occurred recently (BA, Home Depot, Equifax) to name a few. These corporations would no longer need to worry because the data will be private. Ie data can still be used but will not be assigned to an individual thus keeping people safe and anonymous.

    4. The technology makes use of ZK computation (which outputs any number) and is an improvement on ZK proofs (which only output booleans). I think the technology is pretty solid and to be honest, the team is pretty solid as mentioned before.

    5. They have good amount of partnerships and backing, aside from the grants… Moonwhale ventures have invested in them and you should probably look at https://www.mpcalliance.org/

    (pls note MPC alliance is not saying all their partnerships but rather companies who have signed up to a future wishing to use multiparty computation). Some are invested /partnered with them though.

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