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0:00 Intro
1:53 Crypto Playing cards & Cashback
3:14 What’s Curve?
6:00 Which Card Is Greatest?
8:01 How Does Curve Work?
11:11 Different Curve Advantages
12:28 Greatest FREE Crypto Playing cards!
16:01 Greatest Worth Crypto Playing cards
18:38 Which Card Am I Utilizing?
19:39 Conclusion


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► Curve card charges:
► Be a part of the US waitlist for Curve:
► Curve retailers record:
► About Go Again In Time:
► Get A Swipe Saffron Card:

💳 Crypto Playing cards & Cashback 💳

Crypto playing cards are rattling common. The rationale why is that you just get nothing if you spend on a fiat debit card, whereas in case you spend that very same cash on a crypto one, you will get a ton of perks.

That’s led many to seek for one of the best crypto cashback offers on the market. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered a secret technique to get a further 1% cashback with ANY crypto card.

❓ What’s Curve ❓

Don’t let the title idiot you, this not a DeFi DEX. The Curve app and card primarily lets you mix all these playing cards in your pockets into one! Choose which card you wish to use on the app and use that Curve card and the cost can be run by way of that account.

What I’ve found is that you may add crypto playing cards to the Curve app and gather these crypto card rewards and curve rewards on the similar time. That’s why I’ve been pulling out my Curve card to purchase issues now.

🤔 Which Curve Card is Greatest? 🤔

There are three playing cards to select from, blue, black and steel.

Curve blue is totally free. You get entry to prime notch international alternate charges for as much as 500 quid a month, £200 in fee-free international ATM withdrawals and 1% Curve cashback for 3 chosen retails for 90 days.

With the black card, you get all the above plus just a few extra perks.

Nonetheless, with the steel card you’ll get a plethora of rewards. Watch my vid for extra particulars!

🎁 How Does Curve Cashback Work? 🎁

Curve has an intensive record of companion retailers to select from. You get 3 picks with the blue and black card and 6 in case you go for the steel card.

The factor to know is that you just can’t change your picks. So, select correctly.

🌟 Different Advantages 🌟

Curve makes it actual simple to maintain observe of all of your spending. That’s tremendous helpful for budgeting. One other helpful function is ‘return in time’, this lets you swap funds from one card to a different – we wouldn’t wish to miss out on some crypto cashback for an enormous buy would we?

💪 Greatest FREE & Prime Worth Crypto Playing cards 💪

I’m going into one of the best crypto playing cards in the marketplace proper now in my video. So, make sure you watch it to seek out out which crypto playing cards you need to contemplate pairing with Curve!

💳 Which Card Am I Utilizing? 💳

Within the video I inform you why I’m utilizing a Crypto.com Ruby card. I additionally present you some transactions I’ve run by way of it utilizing Curve and showcase a few of that candy cashback I’ve been incomes.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The knowledge contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit consequence.

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Source: Coin Bureau


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41 Responses

  1. Cool service, I just wish they did not restrict the cashback to just 3 and specific merchants. I do most of my shopping from local small ones

  2. Swipe card not available in UK now the app is telling me. Assume that's because Binance is in the process of moving it all over to their card (which isn't available in UK either!)

  3. I have a question, and sorry this might seem an obvious answer to some. But to use our crypto cards for purchasing, we can only do this with crypto converted back into FIAT money correct?


  5. Great videos thanks Guy. It looks like the Swipe Sky is now the better deal. Pretty sure the Ruby crypto is now 5,000 CRO to stake (around $350). The Swipe is still about $300 and has the added Netflix and Amazon subs. It makes me wonder how they can afford this. Is it a temporary loss leader or are there other hidden fees? Is there a fee to load either card for instance which would negate any cashback?

  6. Still too many country restrictions … wish crypto card companies will launch in more countries and not have so much restrictions if we want the crypto to be free flowing

  7. Bro, I am absolutely sure know, I've been watching the channel that really looks into the future and for the benefit of the people when you said Bezos, with his Virus hanging around. I am keeping a close eye, keep up the good job!

  8. Instead of Ruby why would you not just get the Obsidian card and not stake any tokens? You get rewards of 2%, plus lounge, withdrawal etc. Only thing you don't get is the Spotify benefits.

  9. Very interesting content, thank you. Yes, both premium cards need staking the proprietary token. But I can't believe you don't compare explicitly the nature of cashback. The fact that cashback is in BTC for the swipe card vs. CRO for the crypto.com is a big difference! Betting on crypto card is betting on CRO value. Betting on swipe is trusting BTC more. What do you think?

  10. I have crypto com blue card and I love it. @Guy: have you tried setting your curve card as standard in Paypal and then selecting Paypal as one of the 3 favorite stores? 😉

  11. Hello, it might be a stupid question, but can i shop online with these cards? Lets say Amazon, do i get the crypto card info like CVV, exp date etc?

  12. I agree, crypto dot com is extremely frustrating to use, I can't believe it. Also, I tried to stake like 2 months ago and saw that they weren't in Canada yet so I stopped the process, now I got back to do it and I see the card I want has gone from 10k to 25k in the amount necessary to stake, SXP just won this round because CRO is just pissing me off now, that's an insane increase! I only wanted the green card… but not THAT badly, swipe is way better, just too bad they don't have a green card haha but I'll be ok with the steel one. Thanks for the great video

  13. Plutus Card is offering 3% cashback and rewards for 1 PLU/month. In Q1/2021 the Holyheld card will be released that will offer high cashback and zero fee trading.

  14. Do you know BAEX defi binary exchange, great hype on twitter about it. Everywhere is talking about its algorithmic profitability from token liquidity rising and modern tools for stock indices like Uber, Disney, Exxon

  15. Hello there, cool video!

    Do you know BAEX defi binary system, great hype on twitter about it. Everywhere is talking about its algorithmic profitability from token liquidity rising and modern options for stock indices like Uber, Disney, Exxon

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  17. Spotify rebates only work if you live in the country where the card is issued. So for crypto.com for example it would have to be Great Britain. For anyone else, thath's not possible because Spotify simply doesn't allow you to add a card from another country that you're living in. Maybe this even applies to Netflix too, don't know at the moment.

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