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Terra: Could LUNA Really Go to The MOON?? 🌑

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0:00 Intro
2:12 What’s Terra?
4:40 How Does Terra Work?
7:20 LUNA Tokenomics
9:24 LUNA Staking & Value Evaluation
10:47 Mirror Protocol
13:26 Anchor Protocol
14:37 Alice Finance
16:38 Conclusion


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► Terra & LUNA Defined In Depth:
► Mirror Protocol Information:
► Terra Station Pockets Browser Extension:
► Anchor Protocol Announcement & Particulars:
► Alice Finance Twitter:


🌏What’s Terra?🌏
Terra permits for the creation of stablecoins pegged to varied fiat currencies. Terra is meant to be the again finish of the varied apps and merchandise being constructed by Terraform Labs and the Terra Alliance.

Terra’s KRT stablecoin (Korean Received) is utilized by greater than a dozen purposes to settle funds, together with Chai which boasts over 2 million customers, and is technically probably the most used dApp in crypto.

🛠How Does Terra Work?🛠

To mint a Terra stablecoin like UST, you could burn the equal greenback quantity of Terra’s native coin, LUNA. UST may also be burned to redeem an equal greenback quantity of LUNA.

This creates intelligent monetary incentive that ensures Terra stablecoins all the time preserve their fiat peg. A small portion of LUNA used to mint UST is allotted to a neighborhood treasury to fund new initiatives.

💸LUNA Tokenomics💸

Terra held a collection of personal gross sales for the LUNA coin in early 2019 and there was no public ICO. This listing of personal sale traders included Binance, Huobi, Okex, and about half a dozen enterprise capital companies.

Solely 4% of LUNA’s preliminary provide was out there to people such as you and me when it began buying and selling. The remaining went to crew and personal traders.

It’s unclear what number of LUNA cash had been bought to non-public traders. LUNA has a dynamic provide cap of 1 billion, and cash are robotically minted or burned to remain as near that quantity as doable.

📊LUNA Staking & Value Evaluation📊

Since LUNA is just not inflationary, validators and delegators earn numerous community charges as an alternative. Given the low charges of the Terra blockchain, LUNA staking is just not very profitable, and yields a whopping 1.5% annual return.
Parabolic is the right phrase to explain LUNA’s worth motion for the reason that begin of 2021.It has pulled greater than a 10x transfer since January and continues to rally.

This appears to be because of the insane demand for UST, which drove up its worth above its 1 greenback peg a number of instances in late January and early February. Tens of millions of LUNA have been burned because of this.

💱Mirror Protocol💱

The Mirror Protocol was constructed by Terraform Labs and exists on the Terra blockchain. Mirror Protocol makes it doable to mint tokens that mirror the costs of shares and different property.

This lets anybody with an web connection get publicity to the worth motion of shares like Amazon, Tesla, and even Gamestop.

These artificial tokens are referred to as “mAssets” and minting them requires depositing Terra’s UST stablecoin as collateral. mAssets exist on different blockchains as properly, notably the Binance Good Chain.

⚓Anchor Protocol⚓

In June 2020, Terra introduced it had partnered with Cosmos, Solana, and the Web3 Basis which develops Polkadot and Kusama to create a protocol referred to as Anchor.

Anchor will present steady rates of interest on deposited cryptocurrency by staking them on numerous proof of stake blockchains behind the scenes.

👧Alice Finance👧

Alice Finance is a mysterious crypto app that has but to be formally introduced. It seems to combine Terra’s funds community, artificial property (by way of Mirror Protocol) and Anchor financial savings protocol right into a single, person pleasant product. Different giant cryptocurrency initiatives akin to Aave look like concerned as properly.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The knowledge contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is just not a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific consequence.

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47 Responses

  1. It's irritating that most alt projects with the greatest upside are often have large vesting that the VC dump on public investors. Turns out Guy was right to be worried how Terra was hiding the vesting. I can only speculate this is the reason Luna sold more than most alt coins in the May correction. It now July and it's up while other alts aren't.

  2. If only UST was sold on more exchanges. Poloniex has it but their market volume is minimal. And when finally succeeded in filling a few percent of my order, I could not sell it to my Terra Station wallet anyway so I had to exchange it back and transfer elsewhere. Bitrex has it but you cannot buy it via fiat, you have to go via USDT, which they have as ERC20 so any transfer fees are terribly high. Why is this so complicated? If I buy Luna elsewhere and transfer it to Terra and than change to UST there, I will likely loose money due to price movements during transfer and conversions. Another disappointing crypto idea…

  3. Terra station displays the APY as ~10-12%. I'm staking for over 3 months now, and my staking rewards are in about 5% APY range. Is that expected?

  4. My life got much more better when I started stock trade. I’ve Been following crypto for a while now and I’m looking for when to shoot my shot until I came across Mr. Eric. I will remain thankful and keep spreading your good tactics of making profit all over the world.

  5. Am curious. If UST demand goes to the moon in the future, wouldn’t LUNA be in supply crunch, since its supply is limited? Will there be sufficient LUNA to stabilize UST then?

  6. All the info i could find about the GENESIS Token Allocation : Token Allocation and Fundraiser

    Terra Core facilitates the creation of many fiat-pegged currencies, facilitated by Luna the staking token. The genesis issuance of Luna is 1 billion, with initial allocations broken down in accordance with the following:

    Terraform Labs (10%): Used to facilitate the research & development of the Terra Project. can be found in the accounts/terraform-labs directory.

    Employees & Contributor Pool (20%): Used to compensate employees and contributors of the project. Some part of the coins have already been granted, and can be found in the accounts/employees directory. Currently 4.7% of this pool has been granted.

    Terra Alliance (20%): The Terra Alliance is key to driving early adoption and usage for Terra. We will be using this pool to set incentives, mainly marketing discount programs (such as coupons for users) and volume incentives for alliance partners. Terraform Labs will be playing custodian for this pool, taking input from the community to best allocate resources from this pool.

    Stability Reserves (20%): Bootstrapping stablecoins is no easy feat, with threats to the peg coming from every adversarial angle. Stability reserves will be to manage the network's early stability close to genesis.

    Backers (26%):

    In order to finance the development of the Terra Project, Terraform Labs held three token sales:
    Pre-seed sale: 10 cents per Luna, sold ~100M tokens. Lockup 12 months, with 30% early liquidity.
    Seed-sale: 23 cents per Luna, sold ~100M tokens. Lockup 10 – 18 months, with 30% early liquidity.
    Private-sale: 80 cents per Luna, sold ~60M tokens. Lockup 3 months, with 6 months linear vest thereafter.

    Several backers have failed to meet the guidelines and/or deadlines to reclaim their tokens, leading significant allocations to not be included in the genesis account generation.

    Genesis liquidity (4%): 4% of Luna will be made available to the market close to genesis to allow everyday users to use and interact with it.

    SOURCE : Github https://github.com/terra-project/mainnet/blob/master/GENESIS.md#token-allocation-and-fundraiser

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