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0:00 Intro
1:50 How crypto was mass adopted?
2:37 Coexistence of central financial institution cash & crypto?
7:03 Geopolitical panorama in 2050
10:11 How blockchain modified the financial system?
16:31 Disruption of authorized programs
17:49 Influence on authorities
19:32 Ultimate ideas


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πŸ“ Overview πŸ“

As we speak I’m going to let you know a narrative about my journey to the yr 2050 and offer you a sneak peek of what’s in retailer for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I’m going to return clear right here, I didn’t discover a time machine in Coin Bureau HQ, nevertheless, this video does offer you a glimpse into my ideas on what could occur sooner or later.

❓ How Crypto Was Mass Adopted ❓

Sooner or later there are two sorts of cash.

β–Ί Central bank-issued digital currencies
β–Ί Cryptocurrencies

What’s attention-grabbing is that each sorts of cash co-exist in a parallel foreign money system. This works in an identical method to how the Cambodian Riel coexists with the US greenback in 2020.

Shops have two costs. A decrease one for fee in crypto and the next value for sovereign digital currencies. So, why is that?

The central bank-issued digital currencies are tracked and taxed by the federal government. Nevertheless, cryptos usually are not and that signifies that individuals can use them to keep away from crippling ranges of taxation. That meant that retailer homeowners might settle for crypto and never pay tax. Therefore why they have been mass adopted.

πŸ’° Coexistence of Central Financial institution Cash & Crypto? πŸ’°

The reality is that blockchain made personal enterprise and the general public sector too environment friendly and that led to lots of unemployment and the mass rollout of common fundamental earnings. That method, governments might difficulty digital cash they may observe and tax.

Clearly, most individuals need to keep away from tax and that’s why decrease costs are paid in shops if you happen to use crypto.

🌎 Geopolitics 🌎

The world is split between robust governments that survived the crippling ranges of debt attributable to the pandemic of 2020 and the crypto elite who management their very own fiefdoms.

How did a few of these governments survive? Effectively, that was due to some having sovereign wealth funds that diversified into crypto in 2020.

Sadly, the variety of authoritarian regimes far outweighs the variety of democracies sooner or later.

Sure, some crypto fiefdoms are run by benevolent rulers. Nevertheless, most are run by despotic management.

πŸ”— Blockchain’s Influence On The Financial system πŸ”—

Sooner or later, most individuals are unemployed as they’ve been automated out by blockchain tech like good contracts. Certainly, many firms are DAO’s with zero staff. All this has concentrated wealth into the palms of a tiny crypto elite of early adopters.

The monetary providers business has now fully disappeared as everybody was automated out by DeFi. Even inventory markets not exist. Certain you may spend money on firms, however you’ll purchase that tokenized fairness on an change.

The rise of decentralized search engines like google and yahoo and social media platforms ended up killing the likes of Google and Fb.

Additionally, there are only a few workplace staff sooner or later. That’s resulting from blockchain tech eradicating lots of the intermediaries and administrative effort concerned in document holding.

Provide chains additionally turned a ton extra environment friendly by adopting blockchain to trace and hint objects.

Many roles you are taking without any consideration not exist. Take taxi drivers for instance; they have been automated out by means of combining IoT and blockchain. Sooner or later, individuals’s major perform is to easily act as shoppers

Talking of buying, loyalty playing cards are a factor of the previous and retailer loyalty packages are actually fully digital.

Automation on this scale drastically reduces the worth of human labour. So that you higher hope you reside in a rustic with common fundamental earnings.

βš–οΈ Influence On Authorized System & Authorities βš–οΈ

Watch the video to listen to my ideas on how governments will undertake blockchain and the way the authorized system could possibly be revolutionized.


πŸ“œ Disclaimer πŸ“œ

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who shouldn’t be a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit consequence.

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Source: Coin Bureau

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48 Responses

  1. Glad you guys liked the video! It really was an interesting thought experiment. Some may think of it as dystopian, others fascinating but it definitely was fun to make 😁

    If you guys would like to support the channel and are looking for some hot deals in crypto, then be sure to check out my deals page: https://guy.coinbureau.com/deals/
    And join my mailing list if you want my portfolio updates, news, reviews & tips: https://guy.coinbureau.com/signup/

  2. Great video as usualπŸ‘πŸΎ… Just one main sector I think you missed in this black mirror Fantasy.
    You still assumed we’ll be in this primitive system of governance, where life impacting decisions are left in the hands of a selected few. The way I dream it, smart contracts will usher in a new system government, Decentralized government (DE-GOV). Where every and anyone has an equal say in the decision making of the society, A true Democracy.
    Maybe a far fetched, maybe not. But everything has as an end

  3. So basically youtube also wont exist anymore. And even if it exists , there will be no ad revenue for people. So they wont even bother making videos. same goes for blogs, vlogs and even Television. Which means all of the information being constantly uploaded on the internet will just stop. Because there will be no incentive (revenue) for people in doing it. How will this situation be tackled?

  4. With all the cool new innovations and use cases that a lot of different new crypto’s have, couldn’t there be something implemented where it’s built into the source code that the people that have nothing will be eventually be given all the newly mined or distributed tokens? Something built into the code that would come into effect when this very scenario occurs, it just seems like we’re saying it’s an undeniable problem that we can never change, but crypto also introduces limitless possibilities

  5. Crypto investment is the only way to make massive income!!, Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. Hi,
    Very nice vedio, I think due competitiveness US will adopt bit coin as parallel economy to counter Russia, China and others digi currency. By bringing a bill, I mean a platfom to exchange ur gold against usd.. which in 1971 was blocked by then president.. its how USA will keep claiming the strongest currency.. tax reforms .. might use iot and ai aswell.. I personally think.. there will always be tax avoiders and those who wont.

  7. Great brainstorm experiment! Google and FB won't survive indeed if they keep acting like banks of data. In the future, your data makes you money, and money works for you seamlessly, even if you're not that rich! It will also be much easier to recreate a digital bridge for the middle class in the crypto world. So, not so sure about so many inequalities… Helping others will be much easier, we already see it with flash loans on Aave. I also think that Uber and Lyft don't stand a chance against Tesla.

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