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The Next STOCK CRASH is Coming!! Here’s Why 😟

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

1:27 Shares overheated
2:06 Valuations don’t match economic system
4:58 Issues for US companies
8:20 What’s being performed?
10:55 Impression on the inventory market
15:00 Irrationality of the market
18:01 The home of playing cards
18:35 My tackle the inventory market
22:30 Last ideas


🔖 Sources 🔖

► 36 million People unemployed:
► US family financial savings:
► Missed mortgage funds:
► Missed hire funds:
► 63% of People:
► Shopper spending:
► Financial knowledge:
► 1800 web page proposed invoice:
► Republicans assist 2.0:
► When vaccine?
► Jay Powell & why he’s snookered:


📝 Overview 📝

The world is within the grips of a pandemic of the likes of which we’ve got not seen in 100 years. So, why is the inventory market buying and selling at comparable ranges to final yr? It doesn’t make a lot sense and that impressed me to create this video and dive down the rabbit gap.

📈 Issues Look Out of Step With The Economic system 📈

With the US swamped by document unemployment, hundreds of thousands of US households skipping mortgage or rental funds and everybody being urged to remain at residence, it isn’t shocking that individuals’s disposable incomes are dwindling. That’s unhealthy information for companies.

🏬 The Drawback For US Companies 🏬

Shopper spending makes up 70% of the US economic system and the virus has crushed client spending. Complete industrial manufacturing fell 11.2% in April. Manufacturing unit output fell 13.7%. Retail and meals service gross sales tanked 16.4% in April and is down 21.6% from the identical interval in 2019.

That’s all because of huge ranges of unemployment because of lockdowns and the truth that many households had few, if no, financial savings in any respect earlier than this all began.

💡 What’s Being Finished? 💡

There are talks about one more spherical of stimulus and freezing hire and mortgage funds for 12 months.

All this reveals that many in political circles suppose the virus will probably be an issue for longer than we might imagine.

📊 Impression On The Inventory Market 📊

In an environment friendly market, inventory costs are pushed by fundamentals just like the earnings base and valuation multiples like P/E ratios. Nevertheless, what we’re seeing within the midst of document unemployment, company bankruptcies and revenue warnings, is a inventory market buying and selling at round ranges seen in 2019.

💰 Inventory Valuations 💰

It seems that present inventory market pricing is irrational. Sure, the market is dominated by institutional buyers. Nevertheless, historical past reveals that this doesn’t imply these establishments are at all times rational.

So as to add gas to the hearth, there seems to be widespread retail investor hysteria with big rises in deposits on buying and selling apps like Robinhood.

The reality is that the ‘inventory market will not be the economic system’. It’s pushed by hypothesis and doesn’t at all times value firms effectively. I believe that this surge in retail curiosity in shares reveals how irrational the inventory market really is correct now.

🤙 My Name 🤙

On this video, I share my ideas on after I suppose a inventory market crash goes to occur and what I’m doing to guard my very own cash. In order for you extra particulars on that, you’ll have to look at the video…


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The knowledge contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who will not be a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit final result.

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Source: Coin Bureau

49 Responses

  1. Hope you guys liked the vid! We are no doubt living in some interesting times and that presents both challenges and opportunities… Btw, many of my followers have asked if I do any long form educational content (courses). Currently I do not but I have been toying with the idea. Would love to have 30 secs of your time if you could give me your feedback in this form 🙏🏻
    Keep safe guys!

  2. First, My Bad! I just discovered your channel two weeks ago and I love it! I cam going through all of your videos starting from current day. I would love to see an update on The Great Stock Market Crash. I continue to try and short both DOW and NASDAQ with DXD and SQQQ (I Lovee SQQQ because of the weekly options). I would like your thoughts. Finally, the best source of Accurate data for investing I've found on the Internet. Very entertaining also!

  3. I fear the crypto market will go down with the stock market, so, no, I don't think bitcoin will be a safe haven asset (on top of that, it is still an experimental asset) I'm inclined to believe gold will hold its value a little better.

  4. I like your videos but I disagree with this one as it presents an argument, an unbalanced one.I was disappointed for there was no upside at all. Why? I was expecting more. Yes things are bad, yes what you argue can happen, but, and it is a big but, you keep looking to the past as an indication to the future. You invest in the most modern of technologies, cryptocurrency, yet fail to realise technology has changed the way we live and operate. Things happen faster now, but no mention of this. It is like you are using steam-power to get to the moon.

  5. Thanks for the good work 😉 Gold value is manipulated ; My plan is to invest in more cryptos when the crash will come, then my portfolio will be : Cryptos, gold, silver lands and apartments 🙂

  6. If a government with its power can confiscate all gold held privately , what stops them doing the same with the cryptocurrency. Assume they just make a law declaring it a treason if anyone cought dealing in cryptocurency and will be hanged.
    I will appreciate if you could share your expert opinion on this scenario.

  7. Please take time to answer my question. If bitcoin price has been correlated to markets how are ever going to depend on storing our money there? If stocks tank bitcoin has followed.

  8. If there is a crash, people will also exit crypto along with stocks and gold. Cash will be king because people will need it. However, my 2 cents is that basically shakes out a ton of weak hands and crypto will return first. Not a financial advisor.

  9. as always a wonderful video
    I am also expecting a huge crash if the markets do not open soon, even if they open a correction will happen to this not reasonable increase in markets prices
    however, I dont think that people (institustions and wealthy people) see crypto as a safe heaven! take a look at the previous crash in march this year, crypto has lost over 100 billion of dollars overnight! take as a percentage and that will be worse than any other major stock market!
    yet the less flow makes me optimistic .. so I made my choice!

  10. Loved everything about this video minus the fact you didn't just came out straight and just say the fed pumping this market. Saying the market is irrational is a bit suger-coating it

  11. As of Wed, Jun 3, Mortgage demand from homebuyers jumps 18%
    Dow rallies more than 500 points, S&P 500 posts longest winning streak
    The S&P 500 has returned 37.7% over the last 50 trading days
    The benchmark index is now 41.7% above that low
    Many are still waiting for MASSIVE CRASH INCOMING ……..perhaps in 2030

  12. What about crypto currency is on ETORO? As I have a small percentage of my portfolio dedicated to crypto currency is on EToro only so that when the price is a good sellable price I can instantly do it. Is this in your opinion still being unWise. I still remember the last run trying to get your crypto currencies back on exchange to sell them was a nightmare. Any solutions to get round this problem would be gratefully appreciated

  13. It’s because people are investing in stock!! Which increases value!! And they plummeted way down so of course they have to go back up to some point, that’s the law of physics. They’ll drop again but not to the same extent. Just because people are laid off doesn’t necessarily affect stocks if the workers didn’t work for publicly traded companies. Machines do the manufacturing so of course the there’s still value. Get on amazon and tell me u can’t find products to buy? Think about it

  14. They can print money and sustain the stock market to high prices until the economy will recover, raising national debt to oblivion and transferring wealth from the middle class to poor classes. In the long run they'll nationalize big companies, if you put it into prospective, it will be like people losing purchasing power transferring that value lost into financial market by fed printing with no limits. That is not irrational, it is a very well planned scheme

  15. this is also another reason why there will be another bitcoin Crash. once the 2nd quarter is all reported by huge corperations in mid or end jun early july things will surly crash thats when ill buy into crypto holding in tether for now not to mention june 5th the hash rate will drop 13% and thats when the you will see another miner sell off.

  16. "I'm kind of a nerd, so I read the whole thing" wow man! I can see all that hard work to bring this whole video together, I did enjoy your analysis and your thoughts. Keep it up!

  17. Great content, much appreciated. One question: Clearly we can't predict the future, but imaging a second crash, would you wait to buy some crypto or, no matter what, would you go for DCA and buy smaller parts over a longer period?

  18. Stupendous video! One remark though. We saw in March that when stock markets crash so do cryptocurrencies, more often than not although that is purely out of market sentiment #lizardbrain. Do you think btc will for once shine as we hoped before or is it going to go down and pose a great entry point to accumulate?

  19. bought some shares recently , it's making me think ! good video as always …… also , bought some Cardano at a good price . I've good expectations for the Shelly launch . Crypto is the new world order whether they like it or not .Peace .

  20. Hi everyone Thankas Mr for another cool video with very good content. BTW I like your German sense of humour LOL… However, being serious I believe as you said there is still a huge number of ppl that they do not see the reality and its future results. The financial stimulation (loans to business) across EU or USA, hoping it will somehow fix the problem it is more a small fix to flat the curve of future economic crises. Looks like big corporations slowly getting back to actions and drowning a plans (cuts, how to save and survive) in the next years, that will be definitely a big impact on the market. Is it not better to wait till Bitcoins, ETH or XTZ will go down with the price well below what is now?

  21. BTC could be a save haven when the whole central banks fiat joke and bubble markets implode , I just wonder why BTC and crypto's crashed last march togheter with the stockmarkets? Maybe the fiat maffia have BTC under control,which is quiet possible because loads of BTC were sold over the counter at depressed prices in 2019,who were the acquirers?The problem with BTC and many other crypto's is whales holding the majority of the coins, I hope I'm wrong about my suspicious toughts but remain cautious and try to accumulate some very intresting alt coins and if BTC crashes again will buy more.

  22. Look up the "Plunge Protection Team". Now, 401k retirements depend on wall street. Social Security is screwed so Wall Street Stocks are no longer an option, but an absolute must for 401k sponsors that are invested themselves. This means Wall Street stocks is a captured market. The Fed is propping it up using JP Morgan / Blackrock etc. Spike up and down will be temporary but overall, they will keep it afloat because they have no choice. They can print unlimited dollars and the world will buy them because there is no better currency. (Bitcoin is great but can't run the world as it is still far too immature).
    Hyperinflation? Money printing fills in the crater of credit when it dries up. Credit money is the same thing. Paying off debts actually destroys money (remember it is all a mass illusion anyway). So you can pay off debt to destroy the newly printed money and the world is 'forced' to keep buying US dollars as it is still the 'goto' for the world – that is the privilege of having the reserve currency. After the election – it might get tricky for a while… If Trump fails, he might let things crash just out of spite. Biden is a bit of a wet blanket not sure if he is a market savior.
    The financiers and Fed are the ones really controlling the economy and they will continue regardless of who is in charge of the Whitehouse. Still, good to stick with cryptos and precious metals. Silver/Gold in 2008 just took a short term dip as people had to sell everything to meet margin calls.

    In short, there won't be a big stock market crash because the Fed/intermediaries / Plunge Protection Team will keep buying to fill in any gaps. It's a "fake market" as it is just papered over – but it beats the alternative.

  23. NO Guy… they did not lose their jobs or economic prosperity because of the virus… they lost their jobs and economic prosperity because of government forced involvement into our lives. please stop blaming the wrong thing. That is disingenuous, and It is incorrect. (and it is a very important distinction that we must never forget.) I'm so tired of that trick being played on us.

  24. Anyone getting Bitcoin 2017 toppy vibes from the stock market right now!? I can almost see the same emotions playing through those in equities now… I know I can’t be the only one..

  25. Maybe the most heart wrenching thing, is retail getting sucked into the market, in record numbers, because the Media keeps saying "the FED has your back". And the smart money just unloading everything onto them . Sure, Powell will do his best to keep this hot baloon flying, at least until November , but nobody knows where the next rip is going to come from. Commercial Real Estate ? Shale ? Retail Real Estate ? This sucker is at 140%, it can deflate faster than Powell can pump it back up again. And when the margin calls come, it's March all over again, no later than when the Q2 come out.

  26. Great content – thanks very much.I believe that you are right. The stock market is not the economy, however all the big players and employers will for sure reduce a few people and if one cannot pay the mortgage any longer, consequently will have to go tramping with a tent. As a consequence the real estate market will crash and as you know with hyper inflation around the corner looming consumption will completely come to a stand still. So no manufacturing and no consumption will bring a halt to all cogs in the consumer economy. With no consumption the prizes for common goods will rise astronomically and here I have an issue with BTC. If BTC will rise to those massive value figures, because it is like Gold even more scarcer, well that is required, and truly expected of BTC, as a loaf of bred will cost 10k, a pound of butter another 15k and so on and if there is a TESCO's still in business a full trolley will be probably costing the normal household easily 250k, which will be the value of a BTC. I think as long we have an economy that promotes:"buy now – pay later" and the dept spiral has risen to an astronomical high mountain and bank CEO's from Sachs and JP Morgan [who are legalized gangsters] are still paid a annual bonus for being incompetent I feel nothing will change. There will be a lot of blood on streets before the gangsters will roll over and say "Hello BTC-of course we will have you as a new paradigm shift" . Crypto currency, block chain and defi are for sure here to stay, however, I do not believe that this is going to happen without a fight between the old FIAT currency hierarchy and the new naive hiphop Moon boys. The question is more how does one survives in such an emerging power struggle and where is the safe place to survive all this when the swords are starting to be crossed. I truly think we require to develop a plan B for the scenario when all this shi… is hitting the fan. I do love BTC and do not understand me wrong here…but what about all the people who have not a dime to invest now and will be left behind, all the developed world who just barely lives on one dollar. All I can say at the present, we live in interesting times and perhaps its time to learn a few survival techniques how to endure life in the wild jungle of humanity, where perhaps soon it will be more important how to find food an shelter and how to protect oneself from emerging new waves of viruses as you rightly remarked a vaccine in 18 month is probably one big lie!!

  27. Finance Youtubers have been calling for a stock market collapse for the last decade – if they didn’t they wouldn’t be making money. Markets are not being irrational, it is just assuming we are not going to be living in a world with Coronavirus forever. This isn’t the world’s first pandemic after all, and it’s far from its worst. If you think gold and bitcoin are going to save your portfolio when sh*t hits the fan, look no further than March 2020 to see how these safe havens played out. Not hating on either, just saying don’t sell off your stock portfolio because people on YouTube are calling for the collapse.

  28. Thanks Guy,
    Another great video – well worth its weight in bitcoin! 😉
    The challenge is to find a financial tool that does the same as 'shorting' without the downside risk?…
    Cryptos and precious metals do this to some extent, but it still feels that Bitcoin and friends are a bit of a 'risk on' asset with the current main use case as a trading vehicle rather than a hedge against fiat failure. This impending market event may change all that though!

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