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This Week in Crypto: EIP1559, Crypto Bill, Binance KYC & More!!

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0:00 Intro
2:07 Binance KYC, Withdrawal Limits
4:02 100x Futures Start To Disappear
6:15 Robinhood And PayPal Tease DeFi
8:20 Controversial Crypto Bill
10:34 US Stablecoin Control
11:44 German Funds Can Invest In Crypto
12:37 Weekly Crypto Market Forecast
18:04 Conclusion


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► German Funds Can Invest In Crypto:


🛂Binance KYC, Withdrawal Limits🛂

Last Tuesday, Binance announced that they will be lowering the daily cryptocurrency withdrawal limit for any users who have not completed KYC from 2 BTC down to just 0.06 BTC

This change is effective immediately for any accounts made on or after July 27th and will be gradually phased in for older accounts starting August 4th. That’s this Wednesday by the way

🤑100x Futures Start To Disappear🤑

Besides bringing in KYC, Binance is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges which recently announced that it would be reducing its maximum leverage from 100x to 20x

High leverage makes crypto market dips that much worse. Restrictions on leveraged trading are a good thing for the crypto market because it will reduce volatility during downturns, at least in theory

👨‍💻RobinHood And PayPal Tease DeFi👨‍💻

Robinhood was the first to break the ice with an announcement that they will adding crypto lending, borrowing, and staking services to their platform just two days before listing on the NASDAQ

PayPal has apparently finished their secretive “crypto super app” which will likewise feature crypto lending and borrowing

⚖Controversial Crypto Bill⚖

Basically, the US government wants to spend 550 billion dollars to build up the country’s suboptimal infrastructure, and they want 28 billion of those dollars to come from the crypto industry

The problem is that the definition for ‘crypto broker’ is so broad that it could apply to everything from crypto miners to crypto wallet providers to DEXes and possibly even to individuals

👮‍♂️US Stablecoin Control👮‍♂️

Titled ‘The Digital Asset Market Structure and Investor Protection Act of 2021’, the bill seeks to give the US Department of the Treasury total control over stablecoins among many other things

One of these other things involves designating the Federal Reserve as the only institutions which is allowed to issue dollar backed digital currencies

🏦German Funds Can Invest In Crypto🏦

Starting today, pension funds and insurance funds in Germany can convert up to 20% of their assets into cryptocurrency

For context, Germany’s so called ‘Spezialfonds’ collectively custody over 2 trillion dollars in assets, which means that over 415 billion of that could potentially move into cryptocurrency

☀Weekly Crypto Market Forecast☀

Ethereum could pump because of the London upgrade. This week’s winners are ThorChain, Quant Network (again), Siacoin, Ankr, and NEO.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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37 Responses

  1. Coin Bureau used to be top-notch channel until weekly market forecast was added and Guy began talking about Wyckoff distributions and generally things pulled out of thin air. 🙁 If we are above 20W SMA we are bullish, otherwise we are bearish how hard can it be?

  2. The german crypto law of 0 taxation after 1 year hodl is true, the Problem is if you stake it, every interest gained will be taxed with 10%

  3. True, most time you need to recognize the existence of a speculative factor and that is the duty of an expert to guide you on the right profitable stock to buy or invest in

  4. Hey guys, do you have great intensions wanna help the people around you but can't find enough money to do it? Join MuskyDoge family early to see it bloom. Price is really low now. Join us on Reddit too if you like. Not a promoter just another Cryptohead like you. Glad to see you with us. With love.

  5. lol just one huge mistake: SC (Siacoin) needs to break TWO CENTS, not TWENTY CENTS…. 🙂
    But I'd love if it broke TWENTY CENTS!
    One of the top 3 storage class cryptos. I hold STORJ as well. (FIL is junk, ive used all of them for actual enterprise storage use cases….)

  6. Being in HEX is like beong in Bitcoin in 2010. The funny thing is its our own crypto people ignoring it or calling it a scam. Why? Also no talk of pulsechain on theainstream channels. Sad but bullish.

  7. The bet on CryptExLock has already started.

    This is a unique project with an extremely valuable use case given the current market cap of $ 5 million and the total supply of $ 100,000 CRX, when the alternate season kicks in, it will skyrocket.

  8. I think All of the other crypto Youtubers and influencers must be watching this because they’re all now talking about this. Guy, you are so far ahead of the game… I truly appreciate you!

  9. Ethereum fees have not really dropped. Guy, you're articulate and I enjoy your videos, but I may have to STOP watching because it appears that you're similar to other crypto you tubers – You completely avoid HEX and PULSE!! WTF? Are you being paid to Not report on how extraordinary HEX really is?????

  10. I think that projects that cross-chain with ETH and interconnect systems will beat new ATH soon, such as Near, Polygon, Solana. But since Polygon and Solana projects are more popular and there are many analytical analyzes of these projects on the Internet, I would like to see the analysis of the Near project, I think there is now an excellent opportunity to break through new peaks

  11. lets go crypto lets go bitcoin importantly the master crypto. the rest are all clones even eth! so why not support BTC the whole alts and market will grow. weird being a bear and weird shorting. thats all manipulaiton we know teh future is going to use blockchain tech in every thing. and bitcoin is already passed price of silver and closing to gold. the res are no where near even if the alt coin reaches say 700 mill per token. theres loads of tokens out tehre worth more then BTC. found laods on market places Doesnt mean theyre more value . Value is mis leading. Why FIAT is trash and materialistics isnt true valyue. every oens morals and ethics for values haave gone. Like food for example value could be high end meat and orgainc fruit n veg but most people don't see paying high prices for that food and woudl rather a mcdonalds value meal. diff qialtisyf and perceptions of values. and all mis leading. teh real monies is info which is power and control. Hospitals us eblockchain to store data its all publco and accessible. will all banking. bansk close. give u a finanacel smart app alot liek ones now. physical cash goes away. due to corona germs. ppl in 10 years will laugh that ppl used to carry coins and notes. all using their smart fone apps or chips in them. but ppl get illusion of u can send peer 2 peer private funds. yet it all logged on a blockchain. with meta data and all sorts of valuable info. its all natural upgrade to conntrol. so may aswell support bitcoin and maybe an AI company like Singularity net and u'll laughing.

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