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Ultimate Bitcoin Halving / Halvening Overview

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

1:28 Mining Primer
3:55 Why it May Affect Value
7:54 Previous Halving
9:26 Inventory-to-Move Mannequin
11:10 Thought Chief Predictions
12:26 Fewer Bitcoin Than You Assume
13:58 Why This Halving could possibly be totally different
16:50 Bitcoin Hashrate Overview
18:23 Conclusion


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► Previous halving worth chart:
►Reside Inventory-to-Move chart:
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► Credit score Suisse’s World Wealth Report for 2019:
► Bitcoin hash fee chart:


📝 Easy Overview 📝

The Bitcoin halving is probably probably the most hyped occasions for 2020, fueling rife and wild hypothesis from crypto holders, analysts and information publications alike.

₿ What’s the Bitcoin halving? ₿

The Bitcoin halving occurs roughly each 4 years and is when the mining reward for Bitcoin is lower in half. This successfully cuts Bitcoin inflation by decreasing the variety of cash coming into the market.

📈 The Halvings Affect On Bitcoin’s Value? 📈

Bitcoin’s present inflation fee (pre-halving) is 3.6% per 12 months. Nevertheless, the Might 2020 halving will scale back the speed of inflation to simply 1.8%.

On the time of video launch, the common miner value to provide a Bitcoin stands at $6.3K. Because of this miners have to promote roughly $11 million in Bitcoin each day to cowl manufacturing prices.

After the halving, miners will solely earn half the variety of BTC and this implies much less miner promoting. If the demand for Bitcoin stays the identical, this could improve the worth.

⌛ What Occurred In Previous Bitcoin Halvings? ⌛

Bitcoin elevated in worth by 9200% after the primary halving and about 3000% after the second halving. The time it took to succeed in a market peak has taken progressively longer in subsequent halvings.

Though now we have only a few information factors, one factor appears fairly clear: Bitcoin does appear to go on fairly a bull run after the halving.

🏦 Inventory To Move Mannequin 🏦

This mannequin is used generally within the conventional monetary markets to worth commodities like gold and silver. In response to NewsBTC, the Inventory-to-Move mannequin has predicted the Bitcoin worth with an astonishing accuracy fee of 99.6%. Extremely, this monetary mannequin predicts a $94K Bitcoin in Might 2021.

🤼 What Crypto’s Thought Leaders Are Saying? 🤼

► Digital Asset Analysis: $60K Bitcoin by Might 2020
► Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell: $100K to $1M Bitcoin.
► Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Belongings: 75% likelihood of $100k BTC by 2022.
► Billionaire investor Tim Draper: $250k BTC by finish of 2023.

🔽 BTC Provide Is Smaller Than You Assume 🔽

Chainalysis estimates that, out of BTC’s 18 million circulating provide, round 4 million Bitcoins have been misplaced eternally. That signifies that if the demand for Bitcoin will increase, new {dollars} coming into crypto could possibly be chasing manner fewer Bitcoins than folks suppose. Put merely, elevated demand and smaller provide usually imply increased costs.

📋 This Halving May Be Completely different 📋

We’ve by no means gone right into a halving earlier than with available futures markets or leveraged buying and selling platforms. At present, futures markets account for round $200M in each day Bitcoin commerce quantity (with BTC priced at $8K). Main leveraged buying and selling platforms like BitMEX, Bybit, and Binance account for one more $8 billion of commerce quantity a day. That’s round 1 / 4 of Bitcoins reported commerce quantity based on Coinmarketcap.

📊 Growing Hash Charge 📊

The Bitcoin hash fee is at the moment going via the roof. This isn’t a shock on condition that miners have a closing window of time to gather 12.5 BTC block rewards earlier than these are lower by half.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is just not a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit end result.

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Source: Coin Bureau

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44 Responses

  1. Broooooooooo

    I’ve been watching your videos since May 2021!!!

    You look and sound soooooo young in this video hahahaha

    You’ve upgraded big time!!!!!

  2. Love your videos and content, please keep up the great work! Have a question on this one particular though – wasn’t the figure of cost per bitcoin (around 6k) derived from current cost of production and the number of bitcoins mined per day at that time, meaning that the denominator (no. of bitcoins) will decrease due to halving but, if I’m understanding correctly, the numerator (the costs of production) doesn’t have to necessarily decrease as miners still have the same amount of work to be done (but for lesser reward). Assuming the costs stay the same (numerator), bitcoin rewards go down due to halving (denominator) I think that basically drives the miners’ selling pressure up in order for them to keep the lights on (assuming they leave profit in btc). Am really only learning basics so might be completely off, but would be amazing if you could find time to reply. Thanks,

  3. I still very much have faith in cryptocurrency mostly when it comes to the leading crypto asset bitcoin, which i so much believe that making profit from bitcoin is as simple as finding what works and sticking to it for as long as it works irrespective of the current market trend which is so sideways right now. Although bitcoin is currently trading in a short term bearish pattern which most analyst believe is the last buy zone opportunity before the halving, well i don't go against holding when it comes to crypto but i so much believe everyone should find a good strategy and signals to work with so as to accumulate and grow a very strong portfolio, I made my biggest gains from bitcoin same time last year and have been doing so because I met Alvin Tyler who is able to keep his followers in profit even in the harshest of market conditions. Alvin Tyler is a pro trader and a signal provider and with his guidance and signals, I made 6.8btc growth in my portfolio having traded with my initial 0.9btc which you would agree is a very good profit. Well, I am not stopping now as this is another opportunity and Its only fair I encourage others to find a competent trader like Alvin and copy trades for maximum profitability ahead of Halving, Alvin is a true resource in space today and can be contacted via Whatspp:+447380358171 and Telgram @ Alvintyler for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  4. Watching this, I thought you were going to explain how a halving increases the cost of production – causing the miners to hoard Bitcoin instead of selling it. This is because if they sell, it will be at a loss…since the market price is below the cost of production. Just to be clear: the cost of production (CoP) for a bitcoin is the cost (in $ worth of electricity) of solving a block divided by the number of bitcoins in the block reward. If the block reward is cut by 50%, the cost of production increases by 100%. But if the market price is only slightly above the previous CoP, selling bitcoins only gives you slightly more than half what you paid to mine it.

    This is why the big miners hoard Bitcoin, reducing its supply and driving up the market price. This creates a mania in which speculators pile in because they see the price going up – which drives the price up even further. But this mania is dependent upon the big miners refusing to sell. In the beginning, they refuse to sell because it's not profitable. Later, they refuse to sell because they don't want to stop the bull run.

    But this can't last forever because the miners don't have unlimited capital. Eventually, they have to dump their bitcoins. The market crashes, and the bull run is over…until the next halving event where the process starts over again.

    I thought you were going to say all of this, but then you suddenly starting talking about "stock to flow ratios."

    Another point to keep in mind is that lots of small miners get started during a bull run. This increases the hash power and drives up the difficulty, which further drives up the cost of production. So even though Bitcoin will be significantly below its peak price after the crash of late 2021/early 2022, it will still be much higher in price than it is today.

    Personally, I would prefer to buy a coin whose price is more dependent upon people using it, like Ethereum. But regardless, people should understand how Bitcoin works if they are going to speculate on it.

  5. Very interesting and well documented as always. I might sound like someone crazily skeptic, but what happen if the bitcoin price no longer exceed the bitcoin mining cost and the miner stop mining.
    My big reservation with bitcoin is that the proof of work is too inefficient to be sustainable and the next halving might be when the limit is actually reached. In a few years, we might look at it like we look at old steam engine in a museum: clever and nice design at the time, but way behind what we need nowadays.

  6. Thank you for your videos. They supplement my research quite well. It will be interesting if you can create videos on Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. I do not plan to invest in either, but still eager to learn. Thank you.

  7. At 7:20 there is a mistake, where he says correctlt that the amount of the reward get downs 50% so now there is 900 BTC daily, but then he multiple by 6300 that is the cost average, but he forget to say, that mans the bills still the same, so now that have to pay and have the same profit with 50% of the BTC they used to get . So they will have to sell BTC ina higher price

  8. FOMO and speculation seem to be Bitcoin's key attraction (after illegal activities). Unlike some of the alt-coins that provide infrastructure for a decentralised economy and which generate real value and produce something useful and don't pretend to be 'money', Bitcoin has no usefulness other than it is supposed to be currency yet produces nothing and is simply a valueless token. It is like PayPal, but without any money to transfer, only valueless tokens that require a buyer are transferred.
    Normal people do not care about Bitcoin. Bitcoin's fully decentralised nature and fixed supply make it useless as currency and only boost its attractiveness to fraudsters and criminals as it can't be confiscated. If a fraudster/scammer gets your Bitcoin then you aren't going to see it again and being your own bank makes you a target for kidnap.
    Bitcoin does nothing that isn't already possible in the current financial system and what it does do it does extremely badly with sky high energy use. It isn't legal tender either and never will be as it doesn't meet the necessary requirements. Our financial system would have collapsed in 2008 without the ability to print money and a growing economy requires an increasing money supply to drive investment. A fixed or declining money supply leads to hoarding/hodling and economic collapse.
    The question really is can Bitcoin continue to fool people into buying it by creating FOMO? I certainly hope not as when you look deeper you would find that a world with Bitcoin would be in permanent recession and economic collapse with miners making off with the spoils. The current financial system has evolved over thousands of years and Bitcoin ( the equivalent of a digital seashell), is a massive step backwards that the ignorant (looking to get rich) push as a solution to all economic problems.
    The current problems in the financial system have nothing to do with currency, but are due to a few bad actors taking too muck risk with irresponsible lending and now the Coronovirus. Even if we ignored all of Bitcoins massive drawbacks its unreasonable to believe that Bitcoin could prevent scenarios like this … everything would just collapse.
    If Bitcoin doesn't do well in the next halvening then there is likely to be a mass exit as the price will collapse towards zero because speculation is Bitcoins primary use case after illegal activities. There is every reason to hate Bitcoin when you look deeper and sadly not any good reasons to like it. The alt-coins are where the real value resides … blockchain infrastructure for a decentralised economy and fiat currency in digital form will fit straight in.

  9. Required hash rate will decrease significantly immediately after the halving at current prices, then adjust from there. Sell pressure will decrease in either event and price of BTC will increase assuming same market demand exists

  10. 10:32 (I'm placing a commnt b4 finshng)
    After the halving, the price of bitcoin will stabilize a few % points above the cost of production. My guess is between 14k and 19k

  11. With this halving, the yearly bitcoin inflation rate (number of new coins issued compared to the existing number) is dropping from 3.68% to 1.8%. It's not enough to have a significant impact on the value of the coin anymore. Yet these halvings are still being viewed like stock splits were back before the year 2000 when tech stocks were constantly doing 2:1 splits. The price would rally on the split announcement even though it didn't do anything to change the fundamental value of the stock. Any price movement will only be short term speculation based. Thanks for the video!

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