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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? You WON’T Believe This!! 🔍

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0:00 Intro
2:06 Why do you have to care?
4:27 Dorian Nakamoto
9:09 Hal Finney
16:47 Nick Szabo
19:45 Paul Le Roux
23:00 Conclusion


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❓ Why Care About Satoshi ❓

Positive, it’s good to know who was actually behind Bitcoin. Nonetheless, there’s a extra sensible purpose why you would possibly need to know.

Satoshi is estimated to carry a million BTC – think about if all that was dumped in the marketplace directly.

Nonetheless, that’s not all… there are two different main questions:

► Will these Satoshi cash ever transfer?
► Why did Satoshi vanish on April 23 2011?

The actual fact all these questions nonetheless exist is testomony to how nicely Satoshi protected their anonymity.

1️⃣ Dorian Nakamoto 1️⃣

Dorian’s identify by delivery was Satoshi Nakamoto and he was thrust into the highlight as a Satoshi suspect after Leah Goodman touted him because the face behind Bitcoin in her 2014 article.

There are a lot of causes for Dorian to hate banks, like Satoshi did and he was actually a libertarian at coronary heart. Up to now he additionally labored on cassfied initiatives – so yep, a fairly good man. Like Satoshi, he additionally had an obsession for privateness.

Throughout Leah Goodman’s investigation, she requested about Dorian’s involvement in BTC, just for him to reply:

“I’m now not concerned in that and I can’t focus on it,” and “It has been turned over to different folks. They’re accountable for it now. I now not have any connection.”

2️⃣ Hal Finney 2️⃣

Extremely, Dorian and Hal lived only some blocks away. A bit an excessive amount of of a coincidence, no?

Hal was an OG CypherPunk from again in 1992. These guys had been all about privateness, defending civil liberties and towards the over reaching hand of presidency. So, all of the core beliefs of Bitcoin.

Sadly, Hal was identified with ALS in 2009 and needed to retire from PGP Corp in 2011 because of the sickness. That’s precisely the identical time that Satoshi left us all endlessly.

Did Hal have the technical expertise required to construct Bitcoin? You possibly can wager your backside greenback he did. I imply, he constructed the protocol on which Bitcoin was based mostly!

There are a lot of intriguing hints that Hal might nicely be Satoshi. So, watch the vid for extra on that!

3️⃣ Nick Szabo 3️⃣

Nick was in common communication with CypherPunks like Hal Finney. So yep, he frolicked with the correct crowd. In Szabo’s weblog, he outlines one thing exceptionally much like Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, right here’s the thriller, it seems that article was revealed three years earlier than Satoshi’s whitepaper. Much more disturbing is that the seen publish date was altered to make it appear like it was revealed after Satoshi’s whitepaper.

4️⃣ Paul Le Roux 4️⃣

Briefly, he was one of many largest cyber criminals of our time and positively might have achieved with a greater technique to launder cash.

Le Roux was an skilled in C++, the programming language used to create BTC and he constructed encryption software program that had fairly just a few parallels with Bitcoin too. On prime of all that, he labored on fee protocols at some well-known banks. So yep, he in all probability did have the talents to create Bitcoin.

Watch my vid to seek out out extra about this suspect!


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific consequence.

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  1. Hey Chaps. Seems as if there was one prime candidate that I forgot to include and that is of course Adam Back. Silly of me but the video was super long. Will no doubt have to be doing a follow up which will of course include more info on Paul Leroux.

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  2. All those btc are in a cold storage wallet, and he didnt look at making money from bitcoin. He was using bitcoin to solve various problems in our current economic problem. His white paper covers a lot of information about bitcoin and the power of such a currency

  3. "…and the bank steals your house and sells it….". That's ridiculous, and false and misleading. The bank executes the agreed-upon contract with you, that was a condition of the loan. Statements like yours chip away at credibility.

  4. Don't forget Dave Kleiman! Take Craig Wright's account of the birth of bitcoin, swap his name with Kleiman's, and you have an extremely plausible account. Kleiman has been dead about as long as Satoshi had been absent.

  5. The only single person I can think of that is ultimatley responsible for bitcoin, competing against regular currency…..is George soros, two reasons its not been touched? One he's been killed, and the other its not the right time.

  6. The guy in prison is absolutely 💯 not possible, not based upon his merits, but on the fact that he'd even admit it publicly. Thats completely false. Trust me.

    Criminals are NOT stupid, and do not grass themselves up. Because they know the work time vs wealth equation is stacked against them, this is fun, and the others are nothing but media fizzle….just invest and ignore the fud.

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