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Worst Ponzi EVER!! DON’T FALL FOR IT!! ⚠️

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0:00 Intro
1:55 What’s Fiat Cash?
4:58 Finish of Convertibility
6:41 Fractional Reserve
10:17 Cash Provide
12:44 Cash Multiplier
17:02 Honey Badger Cash
19:07 Remaining Ideas


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🤔 What’s Paper Cash 🤔

Pound paper cash first began being issued in 1697 by the financial institution of England. US {dollars} beginning hitting the scene in 1792 per the ‘Coinage act’.

Previous to this, cash produced from Gold & Silver had been used because the financial medium in society.

Nonetheless, with the introduction of paper cash, these banks may subject payments that had been lots simpler to denominate, retailer and spend. This cash was at all times capable of be transformed right into a reserve asset.

In 1944, there was the Bretton woods settlement which might make the US greenback the worldwide reserve foreign money and have it backed by a certain quantity of gold.

💸 In Comes Fiat 💸

Nixon ended the convertibility of the US greenback into gold which finally meant that there was nothing backing the {dollars}.

From then on, cash solely had worth as a result of the Federal reserve and the US authorities mentioned it did. It was a bit of paper that individuals agreed between themselves had a sure worth.

It is usually no coin incidence that after we noticed this abandonment of a type of financial tether, we had an inflation of the financial base.

🤔 Fractional Reserve Banking 🤔

Cash lent to the financial institution can simply be lent out to different clients. That is what known as fractional reserve banking. What the banks are hoping for on this state of affairs is that solely a small proportion of their customers will really withdraw.

If the entire banks depositors run to withdraw their funds on the similar time, it is known as a “financial institution run” and also you then see the lengthy traces and different scenes that had been extremely widespread again within the nice despair.

What’s actually fairly scary about financial institution runs is that each single financial institution is inclined. It isn’t solely these which might be wanting liquidity but in addition these which might be in a comparatively robust place.

✖️ Cash Multiplier ✖️

This reserve ratio isn’t decided by the banks themselves however by the Fed (or equal central financial institution). It’s the minimal quantity of deposits that they have to maintain in liquid securities so as meet their obligations

As a result of the banks are allowed to lend out cash to their clients, they’ll improve the broader cash provide to many multiples of the particular cash that’s within the system.

For instance, if the reserve requirement is 5%, solely 5% of the banks stability sheet must be held on this liquid cash. The opposite 95% might be loaned out. That principally implies that the financial institution can lend out 20 instances the amount of cash that’s saved on their stability sheet.

That is known as the multiplier impact of cash and implies that the broader cash within the economic system might be many multiples of the cash that really exists within the financial institution. You may consider it as a leveraged commerce in crypto place.

💯 Bitcoin Salvation 💯

Bitcoin is the easiest way to protect your wealth. It is because it has a restricted provide of solely 21 million cash. There can’t be anymore printed. The quantity that hits the market recurrently is outlined by the protocol.

It is usually permissionless and fully clear. There isn’t any one single entity who controls it and also you maintain full management over these cash because of having the ability ot self custody.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit consequence.

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Source: Coin Bureau

24 Responses

  1. Verv good although i assume the majority of retail BTC investors are into it for profit and not because they seek a save haven. It's also questionable if BTC really is a save haven. That must be proven first, but yes, it certainly is better than FIAT regardless.

  2. Ok ok, got it. But right now i watch my coins tumbling from one deep to the next, losing money every single day. No, i dont sell, but this crypto space is still far away from the heaven of stable and growing value, some are dreaming of at night and day.

  3. So they are earning interest lending money they don’t have? It’s either stealing or a proof defi yield farming isn’t really that innovative :p

  4. Not far from the truth, imagine you own goods and take bitcoin as payment as well as use it to pay for purchased goods, now, imagine that you paid for your hard goods in bitcoin only to find out, just 17 minutes later that your inventory of fine goods has dimished or has already lost its value over 30%, without even having been delivered to your shop, all because the unstable BTC just "lost" its "value", hell pal! if you think that is how business is done you are in for a surprise! ♦♦

  5. Actually, it is possible to mine more than 21 million Bitcoin … if the protocol is changed, which could happen if 51% of hashpower was controlled by one organization. This could happen if a global government came into power and decided to nationalize all mining rigs. Or, quantum computers could conceivably accomplish this task.

  6. In 1933 the American population was forced to surrender ALL their gold to the Federal Reserve under threat of up to 10 years imprisonment.

    How the hell am I just now learning this?!?

  7. Money should be a fair tool. A ledger that can tell us who is worth how much. This helps us do disciplined decision in life.
    The implications of a limited supply and thus enforced discipline will likely better us all.

    A lot of the pain I see in the world is some sort of derivation of inefficiencies/insufficiencies due to this broken system we had so far.

    As far as life is right now, I like to use it all. Own some real estate, some crypto, some cash. They all have their use.
    As time passes, we will see more and more people abandon fiat for crypto.

    Math > Institution

  8. Where can someone store their money without it being in a bank but still be able to use their money for paying bills? I guess you could store money in stable coins that you need to spend and then use a crypto debit card that lets you spend your stable coins to pay for things however can’t pay my mortgage like that..

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