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xDai Review: Why STAKE Has Crazy Upside!!⚡️

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0:00 Intro
2:02 What’s xDai?
4:53 Background
6:40 PosDao Consensus
9:46 xDai Bridge
12:13 Sensible Contract Use
14:44 Present dApps on xDai
17:10 STAKE Tokenomics
21:24 Conclusion


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► PoA Community:
► PosDao Whitepaper:
► Straightforward Stake:
► HoneySwap:


📝 What’s xDai? 📝

It’s a secure foreign money Etheruem sidechain implementation that’s secured by a singular proof of stake consensus mechanism using a staking token.

As a result of xDai is a sidechain of the principle chain, it signifies that sensible contracts can be written and deployed on it. This makes it totally different from many different layer 2 options that may solely scale transactions and never the precise sensible contract computations

It is a twin token blockchain with two tokens that fulfill totally different features. Firstly, you could have that xDai which is a secure foreign money that’s pegged one to at least one to the DAI stablecoin. Customers are capable of convert their DAI into xDai because of an interoperability bridge offered for it.

Transaction charges for xDai are about 1 US cent for 500 transactions or about this a lot per transction. Transactions will even settle in underneath 5 seconds.

💭 PosDao Consensus 💭

PosDao is just like Delegated Proof of Stake on different blockchains resembling EOS and Bitshares. On the subject of the reward distribution, these are shared equally so long as the delegators have lower than a 70% share. If the delegator makes up greater than 70% of the pool then rewards can be adjusted accordingly.

PosDao went stay in April of 2020 and opened up with initially an inventory of these permissioned validators. That is at the moment in a transitory part one the place the present validators should stake 20,000 STAKE initially of the protocol.

The following step on this rollout of part 2 is the POSDAO staking on xDai. This may open up the validator choice to anybody locally who has 20,000 STAKE to place up. If you wish to be delegator on this stage then you’ll have to stake a minimal of 1,000 STAKE in complete. Rewards are prone to begin at 15% however might be adjusted down later.

🌉 xDai Bridge 🌉

Technically, the bridge makes use of sensible contracts which can be executed on each chains to course of the transfers.

When a bridge transaction is initiated, the specfied DAI that you just wish to transfer is locked into a sensible contract over on the Ethereum foremost web. Then, over on xDai, an equal quantity of xDai is minted and can be sned to the customers specified pockets.

xDai can be busy engaged on an Omnibridge which can make it straightforward to transform any ERC20 token over to the xDai community. That is at the moment within the experimental part nevertheless it might open up a sea of liquidity in ERC20 tokens.

⚡️ Sensible Contract Scaling ⚡️

As a sidechain, it signifies that not solely are you able to code and your personal dApps and sensible contracts on xdai, nevertheless it additionally signifies that these which can be at the moment deployed on the Ethereum mainnet can be moved over right here and executed with a fraction of the gasoline price and far more effeciently.

This due to this fact signifies that not solely are you able to scale transctions however you may also scale computations for these dApps and sensible contracts.

By creating sensible contracts on the xDai sidechain, it signifies that these can scale and execute in fractions of seconds.

📈 STAKE Tokenomics 📈

STAKE is an ERC20 kind token that fluctuates in worth and can be used to safe the xDai community. Stake may additionally be used with a purpose to safe different blockchain networks and sidechains. So, this clearly expands its use instances and adoption potential.

The preliminary provide of STAKE was set at simply above 8.5 million stake tokens which can be going to be launched over time. At the moment, there are simply above 2.8 million STAKE in circulation.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The data contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who shouldn’t be a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Buying and selling Foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit end result.

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Source: Coin Bureau

38 Responses

  1. Matic just kills this doesn't it? 7000x tps compared to 65? Even if the dia is pegged matic would have to be worth a metric shit tonne to make the layer 2 transactions expensive. Also, would you mind sharing the site you compare the tokens against each other and see their stats? Around 14:11. Thanks for all your amazing video's I know I have learned a lot.

  2. By the pace of the crypto space, if ETH 2.0 takes more than 2 years to go full on live, there will be not one but many even better solutions when they get there e.g. Cardano, Polkadot, Elrond. Vitalik at al better code miracles on that chain if they want to survive in the long run, specially Cardano, when they go 100% live with all bells and whistles they will be the best of the best ever, the only thing that will be able to beat then will be another paradigm shift e.g. the next lever after blockchain, what to say the least is a heck of a tall order!

  3. i bought some stake to provide to tzhe uniswap liquidity pool didnt get any additional stake im just trying to get rid of it with profit rn xdai will probably die out with eth 2
    edit: oh wait that means all the stakers are holding on

  4. but it will cost gas fees to bring assets to xdai so that sucks because realistically you wanna have your stuff on eth mainnet

  5. most excellent video, I have invested in a liquidity pool on uniswap for stake/ETH for months now, been great on passive income, only thing i think you did not hit on is that xdai is erc677 and just how important that is xdai and chainlink 8)

  6. I was going to type is it secure this Bridget tokens ? While you just said ‘use on your own risk , good advice as top 3 advice DYOR when starting a vid 👍 I also learned much bout turn around for ETH fees , thanks

  7. Great video, as always mate. I've been interested in XDAI for a long time, and think the project may have some upside potential. However, I think you missed an important Ethereum competitor in your quick mention of competitors. Solana has more TPS and WAY faster time to finality (400 ms) than any other chain, and it does so without adding the complexities of sharding or layer-2 solutions. It is also designed in a way that it will scale TPS with hardware performance (which has been doubling every two years or so for quite some time). I believe that Solana unleashes many potential new use cases that we haven't even thought of yet.. Think a decentralized version of Visa running entirely on chain five or ten years down the road when the network is more robust and secure. A crypto to keep on your radar, perhaps. Note, however, that in my opinion the tokenomics are currently very poor and will continue to be until additional Solana is unlocked and the market corrects for the additional supply.

  8. From what I've read, the answers for scalability are already available, the problem is that implementation is not happening on the DApps and platforms in Ethereum. Good clip, as always, thank you 👍👍🙏🙏

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